Switching on in Frankfurt

MyZeil’s “enchanted forest” sets new standards in Christmas shopping productions. MK Illumination is responsible for the concept and implementation.

Leisure as a differentiating element

With a case study conducted in Spain, theleisureway shows how a shopping center can become “ideal meeting point”

A Lesson in Foodservice Economics

As we move into the final months of 2015, our business is seeing yet more strong indicators that the foodservice industry, gastronomy, and horeca, is on the rise and will continue to be so in 2016 and beyond. In simple terms, life is getting “better” for many people and this shows in the way they consume.

Christmas for individualists

Festive Christmas decorations and shopping centers are now inseparable. The creation of highly emotionally charged habitats adapted to the respective mall is central to the philosophy of First Christmas. A matter of views.

Target Group: Tourists

How shopping centers are discovering tourists as customers.

“You have to grab tourists where you find them”

Around seven million tourists visit Alexa on Berlin’s Alexanderplatz annually. ACROSS asked Center Manager Oliver Hanna why.

Concentrating its presence in countries

Many retailers do not have retail parks on their radar. The concentration principle Immofinanz is following with its Stop.Shop. chain will change all that. Nicolas Fernandez de Retana, the new Director Asset Management Retail Europe, explains how it works.

How an airplane raises visitor frequency

theleisureway is dedicated to the creation of leisure experiences in shopping centers. A case study carried out by the Spanish company shows how it optimizes malls’ leisure offers for children and raises visitor numbers.

Foodservice trends, disruption and chaos

Honestly, I don’t want to scare you. I enjoy writing this contribution for ACROSS magazine very much and I hope that some of the information and background that I provide on the foodservice market is useful, helps to guide you in your decisions, and provides some new direction on your projects.

“Looking forward to opening of our first European shopping center waterpark”

As the economy improves, Grant Poje, Vice President of WhiteWater for the EMEAR Region, sees increasing demand for waterparks in Europe. The Vancouver-based company is targeting locations in shopping centers.

LP12 Mall of Berlin Gift card from PayLife

For shopping centers, it is important to position themselves as a brand, to offer strong emotional content through distinctive design and attractive mixed offerings and experiences. A way to ensure customer loyalty for a mall is to offer its own individualized gift cards.

Leisure: challenge and opportunity

theleisureway is a Spanish company dedicated to the creation of leisure experiences that are unique, innovative, tailor-made for shopping centers, and have the sole mission of satisfying customers to make sure they come back.

Foodservice goes digital and local

We are in very exciting times for the foodservice industry and for foodservice in general. The growth opportunities are tremendous, with new units opening every day in cities, towns, railway stations, airports, and, of course, shopping centers.

“The challenge to develop great unique concepts”

Thomas Mark, Vice President of MK Illumination, talks with ACROSS about the most important trends in Christmas lighting and the reasons why the demands of shopping center operators are incompatible with progressive budget cuts.

The benefits of customer engagement programs

Gaining loyalty from shoppers continues to be a challenge, particularly when retailers within the mall are the primary contact point for your shoppers. That’s where customer engagement programs come in.

Energy audits for retail parks

In response to demand from investors and owners, MEC has recently started offering an energy audit product called “Easy.”

Understanding Facebook

The Polish Council of Shopping Centers and Toolbox Marketing teamed up for a social media benchmarking project.

Increase sales with Limbic Lighting

In a field study with Gerry Weber, Zumtobel was able to confirm the influence of lighting in shops. The optimized lighting concept led to a 10% increase in sales. This practice test, in which the lighting preferences of seven different customer groups were analyzed using a neuropsychological target group model, was a continuation of an earlier laboratory experiment.

Unlocking the true value of foodservice

Sometimes it feels a bit strange, even now, after 25 years in foodservice consulting, to be talking about the property market. I am not sure why, because when I set up Coverpoint, it was to help companies who did not DO food, but who NEEDED it as part of their guest offer. Airports, railway stations, shopping centers, museums, galleries, and historic palaces – we have worked in them all.


Markus Schwitzke and Richard Wörösch of the Schwitzke group set brands and shopping worlds in scene and tell their stories. The designer and interior designer tell ACROSS in an interview why this is so important and what they keep in mind while doing it.