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Print Issue 1|202215.2.2022 28.01.2022 Project Pipeline & Outlook 2022, MIPIM, Sustainability vs. Green Washing

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Online Special15.3.2022 Outlet Special

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Online Special
20.4.2022The Importance of Physical Events & Mixed-use Developments

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Print Issue 2|2022 20.5.2022 02.5.2022European Consumer Trends

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Online Special15.6.2022GRAI – Global Retail Attractiveness Index
Current reporting

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Online Special18.8.2022Development, MAPIC outlook

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Print Issue 3|2022 20.9.202223.8.2022Operational Excellence,
EXPO REAL, Digitalization Trends

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Online Special18.10.2022Marketing Trends

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Print Issue 4|202208.11.202218.10.2022MAPIC, European Top Projects

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Online Special13.12.2022Industry Innovations



210 mm x 275 mm | bleed (+3 mm)
EUR 6,900


210 mm x 132 mm | bleed (+3 mm)
EUR 4,300


100 mm x 275 mm | bleed (+3 mm)
EUR 4,300


420 mm x 275 mm | bleed (+3 mm)
EUR 12,900


210 mm x 275 mm | bleed (+3 mm)
EUR 7,900


210 mm x 275 mm | bleed (+3 mm)
EUR 8,900



420 mm x 275 mm | bleed (+3 mm)
EUR 18,000

The printed strip of paper is wrapped around the magazine and sealed at the back.

430 mm x 58 mm (open) | bleed (+3 mm)
and 210 mm x 58 mm x 5 mm (closed).

Layout Area
…210 mm x 58 mm Front Cover
…5 mm x 58 mm + 105 mm x 58 mm Backside
…+3 mm bleed
EUR 7,500

Printing Material Specification

Consider the 3 mm bleed difference on the final size. Graphic elements should have a minimum line weight of 0.3 pt, image areas a tonal value of at least 8 %. Please send images only in the following formats: PDF, TIFF, or EPS uncompressed. These are the only formats that guarantee flawless exposure. Other formats (ex. JPEG) or compressed data can lead to a loss in quality. Please provide high-resolution data with at least 600 dpi for all images used in the document. Make sure that all images are separated in CMYK. Images in which RGB colors and nonseparated spot colors are used lead to exposure errors. Texts and logos should be positioned at least 5mm away from the bleed and at least 10mm away from the gutter! If texts or important visual elements run across the gutter of a 2-page spread, they have to include a 5mm overlap on each side of the gutter. Please note that ads on inside cover pages, the first and last contents page (U2/U3), are narrower by approximately 5mm due to the magazine’s spine/side gluing. For color ads, the printer requires a contract proof. If there is no proof present, it is possible that deviations from the original could go unrecognized. The publisher and printer will only assume responsibility for an accurate reproduction of the ad if a contract proof is present.

ADVERTISEMENTS E-PAPER / Online-Special Editions


210 mm x 275 mm | + Link: URL destination for the advertisement
EUR 3,900


210 mm x 132 mm | + Link: URL destination for the advertisement
EUR 2,100


100 mm x 275 mm | + Link: URL destination for the advertisement
EUR 2,100


Header Banner on all pages

Advert in the header section on all pages (including home page) at random, on a loop with other advertisers.

EUR 9,900 / 30 days, EUR 5,800 / 15 days

Start Page Banner

Advert at the start page (home page), placed between TICKER and EVENTS or EVENTS and OPINION, at random, on a loop with other advertisers.

EUR 2,900 per month

Article Page Banner

Advert on article pages at random, on a loop with other advertisers.

EUR 900 per month

Newsletter Banner

Advert on regular ACROSS Magazine newsletters – Every week, reaching 30,000 subscribers.

EUR 1,890 per newsletter

Company Listing

Company listing in ACROSS Magazine (print) and entry at partners section (online).

Company name, logo, address, contact details (please restrict it to one main contact), email address, weblink to company‘s website, and short company profile (up to 50 words).

For strategic and networking partners only.

Logo Placement

Logo Placement in ACROSS Magazine (print) and in regular ACROSS Newsletters.

For strategic and networking partners only.

Sponsored Article Online

The article – clearly marked as “sponsored article” – is published as news ticker as well as in the relevant section.

It will be visible in this relevant section at the ACROSS home page for one month (30 days). After the 30 days the article will stay in the section permanently. The text provided should have up to 4,000 characters with spaces, up to three images and one link (dofollow). The article should be relevant for the European retail real estate industry and can be adopted by our editorial team.

EUR 2,490 per month (30 days)

Special Newsletter


We create your own special newsletter branded with your company logo in cooperation with our editors. We will highlight your company, projects, and expertise to inform your target group.

EUR 7,900 rate per publication


Development / preparation of advertorials, in coordination with our editorial team. This type of editorial cooperation will be marked as “advertorial”:

Page count:   Price per page:
1 – 4 pages:EUR 4,200.00 per page
5 – 8 pages:EUR 3,700.00 per page
8 – 12 pages:EUR 3,200.00 per page
> 12 pages:Upon request

Advertorials are published in our print issue as well as via our online channels (web, newsletter, e-paper, social media).

ACROSS Company Live-Session (ACLS)

ACLS is an innovative form of online presentation for companies and projects, which is comprehensively supported by promotional measures beforehand and afterwards.

Price per ACLS: EUR 9,900.00 payable upon commissioning

„presented by“ sponsor of an ACROSS RETAIL TALK

Integration as a “presented by” sponsor into an ACROSS Retail Talk.

As a sponsor you/your company will be mentioned during the pre-promotion period, during the talk, and in post-reporting; over a period of 5 weeks in total.

Price: EUR 4,900.00


„Contact us now to find the perfect advertising opportunity for you in our upcoming issue (print and online). Please send an e-mail to or call +43 1 533 32 600. “

Reinhard Winiwarter, Publisher/Managing Partner, ACROSS Magazine. Image: ACROSS

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