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During the second quarter of 2024, there were eight new retail completions with the development pipeline comprising approximately 400,000 sq m in the Polish retail market. This indicates healthy supply levels amid unwavering occupier demand and strong retail sales, shopping center footfall and turnover figures, shares Cushman & Wakefield in its latest analysis.

The most difficult times are behind us and retail has proven to be resilient, states MAPIC Director Francesco Pupillo. As such, this year’s MAPIC will once again be clearly focused on matchmaking and brands – especially dynamic brands that are part of experiential retail.

Since 1996, the MAPIC Awards reward excellence, innovation and creativity in the retail real estate industry, celebrating the industry’s most useful, sustainable and visionary projects. This year, the MAPIC Awards feature a number of new categories, reflecting MAPIC’s commitment to serve communities, businesses and the planet. The entry phase of the competition is open until July 22, 2024.

Mango continues its upward trend of recent years with record-breaking first half financial results. The company closed the first six months of the year with the highest revenue in its 40-year history, in excess of 1.543 billion euros, which represents a 6.3% increase over the same period last year. 

Gymshark is looking to open more stores globally as its first physical store on Regent Street in London has exceeded expectations and its second store at Westfield Stratford has just been opened.

To be “the coolest place in town” as a shopping center, one needs more than just trendy stores: When outside temperatures are high, shopping centers are particularly popular because of their pleasant air conditioning. Sophisticated building technology is used to save energy. SES’s motto is to air-condition carefully and make use of existing resources. The air conditioning in SES centers is 100 percent powered by green electricity from renewable energy sources and, depending on the location, also uses well cooling and groundwater pumps.

Boutique Ganz House will deliver premium residences and green offices to riverside Eurovea City – a prime destination for work, life and leisure. JTRE’s multifunctional project is taking shape on an attractive triangular plot between Pribinová and Čulenova streets, conveniently by Eurovea shopping center and the Slovak National Theatre.

Norbert W. Scheele has worked for C&A in various functions and countries for more than 40 years. Not only does he have four decades of first-hand experience dealing with change in the retail sector, he has also overseen the expansion into Eastern Europe. At a time when the mood in the world of retail is more divergent than ever between the East and the West, when the middle segment is shrinking in favor of luxury and discount stores and consumers as well as employees seem to have become more and more demanding, it is all the more worthwhile to take a look at the situation and the development of retail in Austria and Europe with an experienced retail expert like Norbert W. Scheele. For 6 years he is as well vice president of the Austrian retail association.

The average retail purchasing power in Europe is 6,517 euros per capita. However, there are significant differences among the 25 analyzed European countries: At 12,067 euros per capita, Luxembourgers have the most money to spend in the retail sector. Romania, on the other hand, has the lowest retail spending potential. There are also strong regional differences within the respective countries. These are some of the results of the newly released GfK study on retail purchasing power in Europe.

The ultimate goal is for travelers to be able to spend their stay as pleasantly and individually as possible. As a result of this prioritization, airports are increasingly becoming destinations themselves, says Michael Ripfl. Ripfl has been working for umdasch The Store Makers in the field of travel retail, for three decades and has recently developed concepts for some of the largest and most innovative airports in the Middle East. In an interview with ACROSS, he elaborates on the lessons learned from the pandemic, current trends, why retail is shaping the design of modern airports, and what the shopping industry can learn from travel retail.

Parndorf is a great example of how tourism is increasingly linked to shopping. This summer, Designer Outlet Parndorf will again come up with special campaigns and attractions to create a special summer vacation feeling for the whole family. Mario Schwann, General Manager of Designer Outlet Parndorf, expects the record year 2023 to be outperformed again, with strong tourism figures from Austria, cross borders and the EU contributing to this – Non-EU-tourism performance is also showing a positive trend.