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  • The first store on the Spanish mainland has opened in the heart of the fashion metropolis of Madrid, in the luxurious “Galeria Canalejas”. “Madrid is a cosmopolitan city with appeal for the whole of Spain and attracts numerous tourists from North America, South America and Asia. We want to continue to expand our presence in […]
  • The awards honored outstanding projects, companies and individuals in South-East Europe. Kaufland won in the Retailer of the Year category as a partner for new construction and revitalization in all retail locations. Since 2020, the company has opened almost 200 new locations, creating around 1.5 million square meters of retail and concession space, of which […]
  • Two top industry professionals talk about the opportunities and challenges in retail gastronomy. Will Odwarka and Jonathan Doughty are among the most experienced F&B experts in the retail gastronomy scene in Europe. In the sixth episode of the ACROSS Discuss series, they explore the current challenges that traditional food courts are facing, address the question whether there is […]
  • ACROSS: What do you think will be the most critical developments in the outlet industry in 2024? MICHAEL LUNGKOFLER: Economic output in Central Europe will only grow minimally – if at all. We also continue to see restrained expansion in the outlet sector, with only a few brands expanding rapidly. Some of these brands have […]
  • The company, which employs around 1400 people worldwide, has been managed by Stefano Canali, the third generation of the family business, since 2008. Canali produces 70 percent of its men’s collection itself, the rest is supplied by independent Italian manufacturers. The company, which attaches great importance to values such as family and craftsmanship, coupled with […]
  • The mandate includes commercial properties in Bochum, Duisburg, Edingen-Neckarhausen, Haßloch, Hildesheim, Kaiserslautern, Cologne, and Schwerin. This encompasses large single sites as well as the operation of established retail parks, including the Duisburg Mercator Center, the Sieben Seen Center in Schwerin, and the Pfalz Center in Kaiserslautern. MEC not only takes over the management of the […]
  • As public interest and pressure regarding environmental, social and governance (ESG) topics continue to grow, companies face an ever-evolving landscape relating to their ESG performance. Regulatory changes are shaping how the corporate world must integrate these considerations into business practices. This is why investing in ESG has become one of the greatest priorities in 2024. […]
  • Measuring and interpreting human emotions based on facial expressions is one of the things that the Munich-based start-up TAWNY is working on. This data is extremely important for individual industries as it can influence market research. Obtaining and analyzing emotional reactions to products, advertising or services provides a deeper understanding of customers in market research […]
  • Timeless Elegance with Ribbons and Stars In the tapestry of festive adornments, ribbons cascade with elegant flows, evolving from abstract motifs to traditional bows, while stars continue to be timeless symbols of celebration. From rising stars to celestial spectacles, these elements embody the continuum of tradition amidst change, evoking both familiarity and wonder. Bold Colors […]
  • A binding agreement has now been concluded for the purchase of all shares in Twin Sport Holding BV. Twin Sport is part of the Intersport trade association and currently operates 17 locations and has a strong online presence. In the past financial year 2023, the company recorded sales of around 75 million euros. The takeover […]