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Placemaking topics that drive the industry

February 2024

 The model “Shopping Center” worked very well for a long time, but as consumer behavior has changed, so have the requirements of tenants, operators and investors. The obvious task to satisfy customers, business partners and stakeholders is: Get your customers to return to your locations. Clear differentiation and positioning as well as a clear focus on people are crucial.

Dezember 2023

The F&B sector has become an essential part of every shopping destination. F&B boosts footfall and increases dwell time. Space previously dominated by fashion retailers is now occupied by innovative gastronomic restaurants. The pandemic has only reinforced this trend. Nonetheless, the F&B industry is struggling with major challenges.

September 2023

Innovative AI-supported analysis methods can provide in-depth qualitative insights into existing lifestyles. In a comprehensive case study of a shopping center Oliver Zügel and Steffen Konrath from the AI-company evAI the potential site evaluation has with Artificial Intelligence and Data Analysis.

September 2023

Repurposing existing properties is a value-adding approach, benefiting both the capital market and users. This is why Union Investment is changing direction for the better by considering the value chain holistically. In a detailed focus topic Union Investment explains the corporate positioning, how they understand transformation, and why it is worth investing in transformation from a financial and social perspective.

June 2023

The Balkan region is one of the most dynamic in the European Shopping-Center industry these days and a great opportunity for investors. This ACROSS Special highlights the region’s strengths, weaknesses, and current developments.

May 2023

The Metaverse is a current megatrend. But, hardly any other topic makes even the most experienced industry experts feel so insecure. The industry needs more knowledge about the mechanisms, opportunities, and examples of applications.