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Placemaking topics that drive the industry

June 2024

From fashion capitals selling luxury products to bustling marketplaces peddling local goods, the shopping available at certain destinations is a powerful draw for many tourists. Shopping and vacations have always been closely linked. In the same way, the retail and hotel asset classes have always been interdependent.

June 2024

Our industry is strong and can achieve a lot. To emphasize this optimistic spirit, we want to do one thing above all else: showcase what our industry offers. Now more than ever, staying positive and celebrating all the great projects driving our industry forward is important. A lot is going on, so let’s show it!

May 2024

An exclusive collection of columns and video discussions by Will Odwarka, founder and CEO of Dubai-based firm Heartatwork Hospitality Consulting, and Jonathan Doughty, a leading professional in both the foodservice and commercial property industry, on the topic of F&B and Placemaking.

February 2024

The model “Shopping Center” worked very well for a long time, but as consumer behavior has changed, so have the requirements of tenants, operators and investors. The obvious task to satisfy customers, business partners and stakeholders is: Get your customers to return to your locations. Clear differentiation and positioning as well as a clear focus on people are crucial.

Dezember 2023

The F&B sector has become an essential part of every shopping destination. F&B boosts footfall and increases dwell time. Space previously dominated by fashion retailers is now occupied by innovative gastronomic restaurants. The pandemic has only reinforced this trend. Nonetheless, the F&B industry is struggling with major challenges.

September 2023

Innovative AI-supported analysis methods can provide in-depth qualitative insights into existing lifestyles. In a comprehensive case study of a shopping center Oliver Zügel and Steffen Konrath from the AI-company evAI the potential site evaluation has with Artificial Intelligence and Data Analysis.

September 2023

Repurposing existing properties is a value-adding approach, benefiting both the capital market and users. This is why Union Investment is changing direction for the better by considering the value chain holistically. In a detailed focus topic Union Investment explains the corporate positioning, how they understand transformation, and why it is worth investing in transformation from a financial and social perspective.

June 2023

The Balkan region is one of the most dynamic in the European Shopping-Center industry these days and a great opportunity for investors. This ACROSS Special highlights the region’s strengths, weaknesses, and current developments.

May 2023

The Metaverse is a current megatrend. But, hardly any other topic makes even the most experienced industry experts feel so insecure. The industry needs more knowledge about the mechanisms, opportunities, and examples of applications.