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Following a customer-centric approach, the ‘Trading-Up’ strategy carried out by ROS Retail Outlet Shopping across its entire portfolio has achieved full potential in 2023. In particular, the Polish centers managed by the operator have registered up to 20 new openings, occupying a total gross lettable area of 3,000 sq m. Expectations in the Polish market are also on the rise with the anticipated center extension of Designer Outlet Gdańsk, which is scheduled to open by the end of 2024.

Why has our industry been so willing to settle for boring? Asks Cindy Andersen, Managing Director at Ingka Centres. The endless rows of identical stores, the predictability of a food court’s menu, the steady drone of escalators… These conventions have been the traditional hallmarks of shopping center decline for decades. To stay relevant, we must evolve as an industry.

“Placemaking is the art of shaping a special destination and making an emotional connection with the visitor during his on-site experience,” states Steffen Hofmann, Managing Partner at ambas Real Estate GmbH, and Member of the ACROSS Advisory Board, in the latest “Industry Outlook 2024”.

For the premiere in Belgium, Costa Coffee and its partner Lagardère Travel Retail have chosen a central location at Liège-Guillemins station.

NEPI Rockcastle generated the highest distributable earnings per share in its history in 2023, exceeding the previous record set in 2019. This marks not only a complete recovery from the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic, but also a sustainable step-up in performance determined by continuing investments in its portfolio. Throughout the year, the Company updated its earnings guidance to the upside as management took note of the strong results coming in. Even so, the 17.1% increase in recurring DEPS achieved (9.3% on a nominal basis) exceeded its latest update.

RESERVED is continuing its flagship store expansion and will open a store at Westfield Centro in mid-2025. As part of LPP SA, one of the fastest growing fashion companies in Europe, RESERVED is pursuing the goal of being represented in the most important shopping centers in Germany.

NEPI Rockcastle, Europe’s third-largest listed retail real estate company and the biggest owner and operator of shopping centers across CEE markets by value, is to invest around 600 million Euro in its development and asset refurbishment pipeline to meet strong demand from retailers aiming to tap into the region’s increasingly affluent consumer base.

2024 could become another relatively quiet year for transactions. However, the prospect of more moderate interest rates means several players are much more optimistic about the future. Others still see a real turnaround a long way off. How do investors view the placemaking industry in 2024: Is there a light at the end of the tunnel or is there a freight train coming your way?

“The outlet sector has demonstrated it has its eye firmly on the ball, as well as the capacity to anticipate, be agile, flexible and ready to meet whatever changes come next,” states Daniel Losantos, CEO of NEINVER, and Member of the ACROSS Advisory Board, in the latest “Industry Outlook 2024”.

Institutional investors in Germany are facing a significant shift in their real estate investment strategies, as revealed in the twelfth annual survey by Universal Investment. The survey among German institutional investors sheds light on the evolving landscape of real estate allocations and investor preferences, indicating a strong appetite for diversification beyond national borders and a growing recognition of the role of real estate as a hedge against inflation.

“The fundamental change awaiting the Placemaking Industry is a shift towards exceptional agility and adaptability, driven by AI and ML,” states Markus Porvari, President and CEO at HyperIn, and Member of the ACROSS Advisory Board, in the latest “Industry Outlook 2024”.