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Further Revival of the Polish Tenant Market

The Polish shopping center market has not been boring over the past few years, but this has been due largely to long-awaited openings of centers in large agglomerations, as well as the sale of large and attractively positioned malls. While … Continue reading

The New Language of Leasing

BY JONATHAN DOUGHTY This year is no different, but for the retail property industry, there is a change in attitude and focus also taking place with foodservice. Mapic was highly successful for our business, not just because Cannes is a … Continue reading

A brand-led mindset

BY SEAN CURTIS Centers are often stronger brands in their catchment than an individual retailer, but with a brand-led mindset comes a great responsibility for the marketing department to protect, develop, and grow the brand appropriately. Managed well, strong brands … Continue reading

Starting a new conversation with marketing

BY ZOE ELLIS-MOORE That’s a result of both the industry’s misperception of what marketing is and the value it can deliver and the marketing profession’s own shortcomings in making a robust case for what marketing can do and why it’s … Continue reading

Is it just me…

BY JULIAN LONG I am convinced someone is stealing months! It feels like it was literally only a few weeks ago that I was unpacking the suitcases from our family holiday to Mallorca in August and now I am panicking … Continue reading

Flat battery, flat sales? The impact of nomophobia on retail

BY IAN HOBSON No longer merely a means of communication, smartphones have become our morning alarms, calendars, note-takers, cameras, gaming devices, and even, for some, personal shoppers or a method of payment. So when we run out of battery, it … Continue reading

Latvia: projects postponed, but not cancelled

According to the report, in 2014, only one shopping center was opened in Latvia’s capital Riga: Maxima XX in Mezciems at the end of the year. Its total area is 7,200 sq m. Other retail developers opened the following new … Continue reading

Key Performance Indicators (KPI), part II

BY STEFFEN HOFMAN In our previous KPI analysis, we highlighted the importance of four industry-specific KPIs: Footfall Sales Space productivity Occupancy cost ratios There are comprehensive retail market reports and ever so formidable research studies available – free of charge … Continue reading

Movement on the Largest Outlet Center in the Czech Republic

Set to open in 2017, The Prague Outlet is strategically located next to Václav Havel International Airport and is in close proximity of the city’s heart, which will give it access to Prague’s residential and tourist markets. With live departure … Continue reading

A Breath of Fresh Air for the City Center

Just one month after the opening of Promenade Sainte-Catherine, the landmark shopping destination developed by Redevco has already welcomed over a million customers. The “haute couture” works in the center of Bordeaux took four years to complete. Designed by the … Continue reading

“Marketing plays a key role”

  ACROSS: How important is marketing for a mixed-use-property like Eurovea? HAMMER: Before the opening and during the opening period marketing communication was very different from what it is now. At first it was important to build a brand for … Continue reading

Inside Bratislava

After several relatively subdued years, the retail landscape in Bratislava seems to be coming alive again. This is not because of the amount of retail space added in 2015, which was still relatively small. Instead, it is primarily due to … Continue reading

Do you understand the young shoppers?

BY MANUEL JAHN Incessant structural change in the retail sector has always led to the flourishing of new concepts while driving others – sometimes slowly, sometimes almost overnight – out of the market. Shifts in sales in e-commerce are of … Continue reading

Switching on in Frankfurt

On November 23, thousands of lights went on as part of a light installation in the Frankfurt shopping center Myzeil. MK Illumination, Europe’s leader in illumination, created an enormous enchanted forest for the holiday season. Four to six meter-high deer … Continue reading


Industry insiders waited with bated breath for the paper. The time finally came just recently. The International Council of Shopping Centers (ICSC) presented its report “Envision 2020: Redefining Our Industry,” a look at the present and future of the shopping … Continue reading

Openings 2016

Rome Termini The second phase of the Rome Termini development will see the construction of a new service mezzanine of about 7,000 sq m above the gallery in front of the train platforms, dedicated to food & beverage and commercial … Continue reading

How well do you really know your customers?

BY REINHARD WINIWARTER The concomitant developments, opportunities, and perspectives are without precedent in the more than 1000-year history of retail. Retail technologies that seemed unthinkable until recently have now profoundly changed the business and therefore the shopping center industry as … Continue reading

From luggage to bags

ACROSS: What stands out about the expansion of Samsonite since the company’s founding in 1910? CARTER: I think it is our ability to expand across the world. This is our most significant asset. The company was founded in North America. … Continue reading

Ruhr Park reloaded

When Ruhr Park opened its 24,000 sq m of rental space in Bochumäs (North Rhine-Westphalia) Harpen district in November 1964, it was only Germany’s second shopping center after the Main-Taunus-Zentrum in Sulzbach. It’s a retail property with history. Unibail-Rodamco Germany … Continue reading


BY HENRIK MADSEN It’s no surprise that brands are focused on Germany. This is Western Europe’s most populous country, with over eighty million residents, 19 international airports, and great transport links – plus, according to ecostra, all German outlets perform … Continue reading