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Projects & Openings Europe

GERMANY Dreiländergalerie The planned shopping and service center will be built according to designs by the international architectural firm Chapman Taylor in an urban area close to the Swiss border. The architect’s plans foresee a curved building complex consisting of … Continue reading

Project & Openings International

UNITED ARAB EMIRATES Mall of the World The mixed-use project will span a land area of 1.7 million sq m in the heart of Dubai and will be built in two phases. The recently evolved master plan is focused on … Continue reading

Fashion and lifestyle venues offer clues to the future of retailing

BY MANUEL JAHN What starts in the fashion and lifestyle sector typically spreads to other retail sectors, making it a useful barometer for the entire retail industry. In a recent white paper, we’ve identified trends that all retailers should keep … Continue reading

Refurbishment with history

The Old Academy in Munich has a lot of history. Over centuries, it was the spiritual center of the Bavarian metropolis and had a decisive effect on the cityscape—as a Jesuit cloister, educational institution, and as the State Office for … Continue reading

„We keep channels of communication open“

ACROSS: Etele Plaza in Budapest will be completed in Q4 2019. What is the project’s current status and what makes it outstanding? TIBOR TATÁR: Etele Plaza is Futureal’s most significant retail project currently under development. It is a 53,000 sq … Continue reading

Setting the course for the future of shopping

€140 million. That is the amount of money the extension of PlusCity, its tram terminal, road connection as well as its new car park have cost. Ernst Kirchmayr, the shopping center’s director in Upper Austria’s Pasching emphasizes that “the four-lane … Continue reading

“Completing three large openings in less than nine months was a challenge.”

  ACROSS: SES has implemented and finalized numerous projects in recent months. What were the recent entrepreneurial highlights in your view? Marcus Wild: The opening of the Huma Eleven center in Vienna was an outstanding event. We also opened Fischapark … Continue reading

Location as key to the success of an outlet center

Neinver presented a white paper on the French outlet sector entitled “Outlet Centers: How to Support Regional Growth through 2030?” The document assesses the current state of the outlet market in France and reflects on its future. The white paper … Continue reading

“Berlin is bubbling with creativity and Europe’s new capital for Start Ups”

ACROSS: Please outline Ampelmann’s history. MARKUS HECKHAUSEN: When I came to Berlin immediately after the German reunification, the city was in transition. The Ampelmännchen (lighted “walk” and “don’t walk” figures in pedestrian traffic lights) immediately caught my eye as symbols … Continue reading

Prime rental rates in Bulgaria remain steady

The total stock of modern shopping centers in Bulgaria in the first half of 2016 was 771,260 sq m, with 406,660 sq m of that in Sofia. An insignificant decline in the total volume was noticeable for the second consecutive … Continue reading

The name of the brand

Immofinanz focuses on a supra-regional brand strategy for its retail portfolio. This means that the Austrian real estate group’s shopping centers operate under the name “VIVO!”. COO Dietmar Reindl explains the reason for this strategy: “From the consumers’ perspective, branding … Continue reading

How to design a good story

  ACROSS: There is a lot of talk in the industry about “storytelling” and “experiences” as part of the design for newly or re-developed shopping center projects. How and when did you become interested in storytelling? TONI T. JÖRGENS: I … Continue reading

“The best is yet to come”

ACROSS: Why ICSC, why Bill Kistler, and why now? BILL KISTLER: Sometimes opportunities come along that just feel like they were meant to be. This role offers me the chance to bring a career in real estate and experience as … Continue reading

“Today’s main trend is to mirror the building on the outside“

  ACROSS: You have been a consultant for the gastronomy and entertainment sector of PlusCity’s extension near Linz. How did this come about?  PETER POINTNER: We have been working with PlusCity for more than 20 years. During this time we … Continue reading

„Glasgow will be targeted“

  ACROSS: The first question is obvious: In your opinion, how will Brexit influence Glasgow’s investment market in general and the segment of retail real estates in particular? STEPHEN BIBBY: With the economic uncertainty that has come through from Brexit, … Continue reading

Gift Cards for Shopping Centers: Individual and Innovative

  As a specialist in card-based payment solutions, SIX Payment Services currently provides more than 25 shopping centers with a successful and innovative gift card system. The gift cards can be used at all POS payment terminals and support a … Continue reading


BY JÖRG F. BITZER The fact remains that simply putting one retail area beside one another or its solitary location are no longer enough for stationary retail to retain its customers. Entertainment, infotainment, quality of stay, and recreational activities are … Continue reading

Creating competitive cities in the age of urbanisation

BY LISETTE VAN DOORN Not only are more people choosing to live in cities, businesses and an ever-growing flow of tourists are also flocking to urban areas. As a result, more and more cities are competing to become the favored … Continue reading

“Extension is a must!”

ACROSS: Eurovea opened in March 2010. How has business developed for this mixed-use-property so far? PETER KORBAČKA: Eurovea located on the riverside is part of the modern urban quarter in the vicinity of the historical center of Bratislava. It represents … Continue reading