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real estate

MIPIM, the world’s largest international real estate event, has launched the Road to Zero Area to accelerate the transformation of the built environment towards a more sustainable model. The new dedicated 400 sq m zone will combine exhibition, networking, and conference space, focusing on practical methods to decarbonize the real estate industry.

People are key to the success of a retail company. However, in order to ensure operational excellence, new approaches to employer branding are needed in the retail sector. The shortage of skilled workers has been a topic of discussion for some time. The effects of the pandemic have exacerbated the situation in many industries.

In times of unpredictability, marketing spending is usually the first candidate for budget cuts. Marketing management in the commercial real estate sector must be highly focussed on the issues that are fundamental to the business of property owners which directly contributes to increasing their value.

ACROSS Magazine’s compilation of research studies shows how the retail and real estate industries are meeting sustainable economic models of production and services, while eliciting innovation and a commercial evolution.