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“Placemaking is the art of shaping a special destination and making an emotional connection with the visitor during his on-site experience,” states Steffen Hofmann, Managing Partner at ambas Real Estate GmbH, and Member of the ACROSS Advisory Board, in the latest “Industry Outlook 2024”.

NEPI Rockcastle, Europe’s third-largest listed retail real estate company and the biggest owner and operator of shopping centers across CEE markets by value, is to invest around 600 million Euro in its development and asset refurbishment pipeline to meet strong demand from retailers aiming to tap into the region’s increasingly affluent consumer base.

Institutional investors in Germany are facing a significant shift in their real estate investment strategies, as revealed in the twelfth annual survey by Universal Investment. The survey among German institutional investors sheds light on the evolving landscape of real estate allocations and investor preferences, indicating a strong appetite for diversification beyond national borders and a growing recognition of the role of real estate as a hedge against inflation.

“Investors are increasingly following high-quality, sustainable, and innovative assets that can provide unique and modern customer experiences,” states Christine Hager, Director of Property Management for Sonae Sierra in Germany, in the latest “Industry Outlook 2024”.

Signa Group has become the largest insolvency case in Austria’s history, and also one of the biggest in Europe. In the following, we present a detailed chronology of Signa´s collapse.

“Real estate is a long-term business so many of the challenges are long term in nature too,” states Rüdiger Dany, CEO of NEPI Rockcastle and member of the ACROSS Advisory Board in the latest “Industry Outlook 2024”.

MEC has achieved a new rental record: The retail real estate specialist and national market leader for the operation of specialist retail centers was able to conclude over 258 new and follow-up rental agreements with a total area of 172,000 sq m in the past financial year.

Redevco has appointed Sasha Silver as Head of Global Client Group, where she will be responsible for the company’s client relations and capital raising. Silver will join Redevco’s executive management team and strengthen its focus on expanding the company’s client offering and strategic relationships.

Trei Real Estate GmbH (“Trei”) just opened the 38th retail park of its Vendo Park brand in Poland. The property is located in Konin, a town of around 80,000 residents in the Greater Poland voivodeship. The new Vendo Park has a lettable area of around 5,400 sq m, with units let to Aldi, Rossmann, Pepco, Dealz, Kakadu, Sinsay and Piekarnia Grochola. On the whole, Trei invested about 6.4 million euros in the property.