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credit: JTRE
credit: JTRE


The real estate market is truly gaining pace after two years of slowdown. New buildings in Bratislava city center have maintained relatively stable price levels despite interest rate hikes, and the combination of a recovering segment and an exceptional project can present a promising investment opportunity. As investors have historically found, purchasing a new apartment in Bratislava prior toconstruction will reap returns, states Peter Píš, JTRE’s Commercial Director.

Located in Bratislava city center, Downtown Yards “High Fashion of Living” is sure to appreciate in value, and this reliable and high-quality project by leading developer J&T Real Estate (JTRE) will be a sought-after downtown destination.

Situated beside a quiet neighbourhood with detached houses, this unique place in the city center blends the calmness of urbanity with the bustle of a vibrant business center by harmonizing smaller-scale buildings and contemporary-timeless architecture. “Downtown Yards – which is JTRE’s greenest residential project – is both the project name and its location. The revitalized tree avenue on Plátenícká Street will be extended along Prístavná Street to create a welcoming green shade on both sides of the street up to the large park with a children’s playground, benches and rain pond,” says Peter Píš, JTRE’s commercial director. The distinctive public spaces, courtyards and outdoor areas were designed by the leading Labak architectural studio (whose projects include the successful restoration of Freedom Square, including Slovakia’s largest fountain). The technical standard of the project for energy certification A0 with standard air recuperation, rainwater retention tanks, and passive-design high-efficiency kindergartens guarantee that Downtown Yards will be one of the most sustainable projects.

“Strong sales of our London-inspired Downtown Yards will underline our confidence”, states Peter Píš, JTRE’s Commercial Director.

Downtown Yards’ residences celebrate contemporary expectations through well considered four-room apartments with day and night rooms. Standard fittings use quality materials, habitable rooms include ceiling cooling, apartments receive fresh air ventilation that is conditioned and humidified in the building’s main vertical distribution (preheated in winter, precooled in summer), preparations for intelligent control, and habitable rooms’ controls are connected to the heat bus system (to enable SMART installation). Exterior areas will be protected from the elements by remotecontrolled wind-strengthened window shading.

This has been a unique development project. “It was essential to identify our target audience: young and successful people and their families who want city center living while enjoying the tranquillity of courtyards,” adds Píš. Such a purchasing segment seeks the benefits of quality infrastructure in and around the project while prioritizing quality space to spend time with family and friends. Many such individuals also strive to live with their elderly parents, who can provide childcare and enjoy the Danube promenade for rest and relaxation. 

Located in Bratislava city center, Downtown Yards “High Fashion of Living” is sure to appreciate in value.

“The Nine Elms and Battersea projects in London inspired us. We led a design/project/business workshop for our London and Bratislava professionals about two years ago. We visited Triptych Bankside, Nine Elms and Battersea projects, and other key London projects with similar benchmarking”, explains Píš. Hence, Downtown Yards was inspired by the London projects’ Community Hubvision – designed forresidents, this provides a welcoming social space for meetings and workshops, a community library, game zone, film hall, yoga room, and gym. Inspiration also encouraged environmental transport: well-equipped bike stands with smooth connections to the city’s main cycle routes. Handy everyday services will be provided alongside familiar restaurants and cafés. “We sought universal concepts with a unique local touch: high-quality pub, friendly bistro, bakery with patisserie, great coffee, pharmacy and grocery store. And more will come as the service range incrementally increases.” Downtown Yards will also feature one of the first passive-build timber kindergartens.

Píš states: “Architects and the project team brought our vision to life by applying the ‘placemaking’ approach – together we suggested and fine-tuned the design’s visual aspect. It was a pleasure to watch the team increasingly buy in to the concept and bolster the project.”

“Architects and the project team brought our vision to life by applying the ‘placemaking’ approach – together, we suggested and fine-tuned the design’s visual aspect. It was a pleasure to watch the team increasingly buy into the concept and bolster the project”, adds Píš. “Few city center residential projects can boast only 20 or 30 neighbor s. That’s Downtown Yards’ USP. Smaller buildings have stand-alone amenities with the opportunity to enjoy the wider project’s benefits, too, all while having relatively few neighbors. Some apartments also have spacious terraces – a rarity in the city.” Downtown Yards is also the perfect choice for those who prefer lower-rise buildings – optimal safety and security are ensured with automatic extinguishers, sprinklers, 24/7 reception, and a designated area for deliveries. Car wash services and reserved visitor parking will also be provided. This luxury project also fully embraced the sometimes neglected issue of intelligent, efficient, and environmental residential building waste management – as a core par t of JTRE’s ESG principles. “Our clients are market-savvy. They know that high interest rates of 4.5% are short- rather than long-term, and that they’ll only need a mortgage in two-to-three years because their success and focus gives them financial muscle. They demand more than what our market competitors can offer (three-room 65 sq m apartment or four-room 90 sqm apartment). They want more living space – and we provide: well-planned four-room 110 sq m apartments, as well as spacious layouts with 130 sq m and 160 sq m,” explains Píš.

Downtown Yards were inspired by JTRE’s London properties: smaller homes translate to lower purchasing cost, but also lower quality. And the developer’s target buyers have no reason to compromise on comfort. “Among the developers in Bratislava’s downtown, JTRE’s 28 years on the market have earnt the company an excellent reputation and high brand recognition based on our commitment to outstanding build quality and punctuality. The best example is Slovakia’s first skyscraper, Eurovea Tower: homeowners are receiving their keys right on time despite three years’ construction that included the covid pandemic and energy/raw material price surges,” concludes Píš.

Peter Píš

Peter Píš is JTRE’s Commercial Director