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“Alexa has stood for new, different, and innovative from the outset”

ACROSS: HOW DID THE “FIRST STORE BY ALEXA” IDEA ARISE? WHAT ARE YOU EXPECTING FROM THE COMPETITION? FABIAN HELLBUSCH: Alexa on Alexanderplatz is predestined for a competition with exciting new concepts. With 16 million customers per year, it is one … Continue reading

“It’s hard to communicate concepts without real added value for customers”

ACROSS: WHAT MOTIVATED MISTER SPEX TO OPEN A BRICKS-AND-MORTAR SHOP? AND WHY IN ALEXA? JENS PETER KLATT: We firmly believe in the multichannel strategy we initiated with the launch of our Partner Opticians Program in 2011. That way, we can … Continue reading

Brand Management for Retail Parks

BY MORITZ FELIX LÜCK What is invisible and intangible, yet really exists, making one of two otherwise identical retail parks more valuable than the other? It is the brand. Brands are a wonderful phenomenon—basically nothing more than an idea, yet … Continue reading

The New Generation of Shopping Centers Makes Room for Hospitality

BY MARCUS WILD They open themselves to urban life in the city and create more space for hospitality. On average, 15% of the area of a shopping center is already devoted to restaurants, cafes, bars, and food corners. This is … Continue reading

Shopping trend: Prepaid cards

SIX Payment Services, formerly PayLife, has secured a firm position in the payment habits of many Austrians during the last decades. Over 1 million of the company’s prepaid cards are currently in circulation, illustrating the growing use and appreciation of … Continue reading

Bundling Together the Shopping Center Industry’s Innovative Powers

BY ANNA KOZINA What is banally described with the word “consumption” is, at its core, the satisfaction of a person’s needs and desires. Digitization can help to match supply and demand more quickly, precisely, and sometimes more “playfully.” But what … Continue reading

Projects & Openings Europe

The site is located at Peterburi road 2, a traffic junction in the Estonian capital just a few minutes by car from the heart of city, and at the starting point of motorways to Tartu, Narva, and Pärnu. The new … Continue reading

Projects & Openings International

The 118-story tower and shopping mall, by Permodalan Nasional Berhad, will create a landmark for the city. The Buchan Group provided architectural and interior design services for the retail base of the development, which embraces its setting and is a … Continue reading

An ambitious future?

By Thomas Rose In recent times, we have heard many discussions about having up to 15% of a scheme’s GLA devoted to restaurant and leisure space, but I believe this view is already becoming outdated before many have had the … Continue reading

“Investors want to benefit from specialist sector knowledge”

ACROSS: What do international institutional real estate investors investing in European shopping centers expect from their local asset managers nowadays? STEFFEN HOFMANN: Holistic thinking. Investors expect that all project-specific decisions taken on the asset management level make good economic sense … Continue reading

Umdasch’s ESL.inclusive Launched in a Spar Store in Vienna

Continuous, up-to-date, and time- and money-saving. These are the significant advantages provided by electronic price labeling. Electronic Shelf Labeling—ESL for short—has occupied retailers’ minds for some time. Umdasch’s e-paper displays are attached directly to the shelves and linked via W-Lan … Continue reading

How insight drives intu forward

By Trevor Pereira But we rely on more than just our scale and market-leading footfall to drive our business forward and help our retailers to flourish. In order to create the destinations and experiences that keep customers coming back more … Continue reading

This autumn, IKEA Centres is to open two shopping centers in Europe

Elnòs Shopping is IKEA Centres’ second mall in Italy, following the opening of Tiare Shopping in Villesse in 2014. It is located in the north of the country, some 100 kilometers to the east of Milan. IKEA Centres is investing … Continue reading

Leisure through the looking glass

By Gastón Gaitán Yes to leisure, but what is leisure about? First of all, let’s clarify what leisure is. Leisure is not only about play; it is everything people do in their free time. When you search for “free time” … Continue reading

66,000 sq m of GLA for Palma

With an overall investment of €190 million, construction and leasing for the opening of Carrefour Property’s major mall in Palma de Majorca is progressing unabated, with more than 92% of the GLA leased. Around 1,500 people will find jobs in … Continue reading

New Rental Models: Fantasy for the Distant Future or Already Reality?

By Jörg F. Bitzer In this context, ECE has evidently now also decided to include a new definition of “turnover.” The new definition of turnover will allow revenues generated online to be considered relevant for advertising contributions and/or turnover rents … Continue reading

Revitalized & quarterly oriented

The great boom of new openings in Germany is over for now. After nine shopping centers opened in 2014 and 13 did so last year, only four centers are expected to be completed by the end of the current calendar … Continue reading