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credit: ACROSS, Emova
credit: ACROSS, Emova

Emova — An Incredible Virtual Fitting Experience

Emova is the 1st 3D virtual fitting solution for fashion, luxury and optical products around the face, based on your realistic digital twin.

Marketed as a BtoB SaaS model, the French startup´s solution aims to reduce product returns and increase online conversion rates.

The company´s mission is to allow any user to be itself in the Boutique online and the Metaverse using its appearance. The virtual twin algorithm combines the best image processing and deep learning technologies (capture, iris color extraction, photogrammetry).

Emova integrates all phases of the experience from start to finish:

  • creation of the virtual fitting room
  • product digitization
  • capture (selfie or in-store device)
  • processing and rendering of the avatar
  • integration of the interface into the brand’s e-commerce site.

Choose from the digitized products to equip it.
Take a look by switching between many camera angles.

credit: Emova

Authenticity is highly important when constructing the digital twin. Capturing users´ emotions using their smartphones allows the animation of avatar facial expressions to a detailed degree. To protect the customer´s appearance, Emova offers a Blockchain and NFT solution to ensure that users’ avatars are protected.

Emova only requires three pictures of someone´s head to create an avatar with their face and hairstyle. The pictures sent to create the avatar are matched to existing hairstyles, and a pre-built 3D hairstyle is chosen from an asset database. This, coupled with the product digitization, ensures a unique personalization experience and immersion in the brand universe.

The process is mostly handled in the cloud, and the real-time rendering is streamed to the smartphone or computer. thanks to the personalization experience and immersion in the brand universe.

With its flexibility across platforms and user-friendliness for both retailers and customers, once the virtual twin has been created, your customers can use it in all compatible stores. This is made possible with the help of an API provided by Emova, which ensures that the same avatar can also be used on every website that uses the startup´s technology.

The solution´s performance in terms of conversion rate is estimated to give a +20% boost for retailers, whereas the rate of product returns is decreased by around 15%.

Gaël Seydoux

CEO, co-founder of Emova


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