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The Cologne-based startup pursues the mission of offering durable and high-quality upcycled products made from car parts at a fair price, with the entire value creation process being geared towards sustainability.

Established in 2023 in Spain, EALYX is a B2B SaaS that allows consumers to trade in their used items and instantly receive a discount on a new purchase. This innovative approach is the first of its kind in the e-commerce industry. 

Polish retail startup ZeroQs implements smart-scan on customers´ shopping carts to make the payment process much faster.

“Octopus is not just creating technology; we are building an entire ecosystem that mirrors the online world’s interactivity in the physical world, all centered around our screens and the Octopus app. We are crafting an environment where digital engagement is as natural and intuitive as using a smartphone or computer,” explains Emre Yıldız, CEO and Founder of Octopus, in his interview with ACROSS.

At its conclusion, the 21st edition of the trade fair shows just how much the retail landscape has changed: omnichannel and e-commerce have been significantly expanded. Heidemarie Kriz went in search of the most promising innovations for ACROSS. Read the third part of her fair report.

“We create spaces” a strong mission of the Umdasch Group that does not stop at the virtual world. In addition to sound expertise in designing and creating new spaces, the company thinks big and ventures beyond the boundaries of the physical world with its competencies. Specifically, this involves the entry into the metaverse.

The extent to which a retailer can satisfy the needs of its customers significantly depends on the technology it utilizes and masters. Consumers have become accustomed to the often highly individualized approach provided by e-commerce, and they expect the same in the brick-and-mortar environment. Technology stands ready to meet the challenge.