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credit: ZeroQs, ACROSS
credit: ZeroQs, ACROSS

ZeroQs – Take What You Need

Polish retail startup ZeroQs implements smart-scan on customers´ shopping carts to make the payment process much faster.

The Warsaw-based company´s mobile self-checkout SmartCart allows customers to avoid queues in-store and helps retail chains to improve the consumer shopping experience and manage inventory and security more efficiently. Equipped with a weighing system, a barcode reader and a touchscreen, the SmartCart´s aim is to ensure an easier and faster shopping process.

Customers place items in their cart, scanning them with the built-in scanner, and upon completing their shopping, simply leave the store as the due amount is either paid directly at the payment station with cash or card, or paid via the App. Advanced weighing and visual systems effectively verify products, protecting retail networks from potential threats like theft, fraud, or customer mistakes. Payment is done at the payment station with a card, cash or through the mobile application.

Mobile self-checkout SmartCart is composed of a barcode scanner, a touch screen, and the application that allows customers to conduct shopping. Sales safety is ensured by the weight and vision system which in real time detects any errors and attempts of fraud. /// credit: ZeroQs
First steps of implementing the SmartCart solution. /// credit: ZeroQs

Special SmartCart features:

  • Navigation inside the store
  • The ability to create shopping lists
  • Inspirations in the form of recipes
  • Synchronization with external applications

The above features also translate to a platform for direct personalized marketing by using interactive advertising, as well as learning more about the customers by collecting accurate information on purchase activity.

Their solution, which aims to reduce shopping queues and enhance consumer shopping experiences, is already being used by entities such as Społem and Centrum Retail. The company is also in active talks with leading retailers from Poland and Europe, constantly expanding its presence in the market.

Jarosław Kaczmarczyk

CEO of ZeroQs


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