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credit: ACROSS, PingPrice
credit: ACROSS, PingPrice

PingPrice — Scan, Compare, Save, Smile

PingPrice is a Belgian startup whose application allows consumers to compare prices between supermarkets by simply scanning the barcode.

Customers can create their own baskets, receive notifications when the price changes or when in promotion, compare their entire basket and check how much the basket increased/decreased, while also learning about the kilo- or liter price where relevant. The app analyzes the prices of most major Belgian brands on a daily basis. Furthermore, the customers´ location while using the app is not restricted in any way, as shoppers can check prices both at or while away from the store.

On the B2B side, the startup provides price monitoring for brands and retailers through API, xls, csv, json files, or through their web platform where sales and marketing professionals can easily follow and understand the price changes of their products or their competitors´.

PingPrice also provides anonymous data on users´ activities in the application, the content of their basket, what they scan, how often, in which region, and to which target group they belong. PingPrice is offering a wide range of data products in order to cover the needs of FMCG brands and retailers.

“We compare more than one million prices a day in 75 stores in all regions of the country, shared Christophe Echement, Founder and CEO of PingPrice, in an interview. “We also take into account promotions and local pricing: you can choose in which region or city you want to compare prices.”

Christophe Echement

Founder and CEO of PingPrice

credit: PingPrice/Christophe Echement


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