Country Report

Update: Shopping Malls in Ukraine

ACROSS Magazine with a current situation report from Ukraine and in conversation with Vitalii Boiko, CEO of NAI Ukraine.

Real estate investment market in Poland in 2021

The Polish investment market has quickly adjusted to the changes caused by the pandemic. The retail market is still spearheaded by retail parks, which have been increasingly popular among investors for the past three years.

Market Update: Turkish Retail Real Estate Market

The pandemic might be a topic causing fatigue for some, but the fluctuations and changes in the market are exciting to experience and full of positive developments. How have we survived this ever-changing world? What has changed, what can we learn? Let's look at the fast and exciting flow of 2021 in this overview of the Turkish retail real estate market.

Additional 62,000 sq m for the Lithuanian capital

“Vilnius Outlet“ is scheduled to open its doors in March of next year. It was developed by the Omigos Group and built by the Mitnija construction company.