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The most promising development projects

Despite all challenges, a lot is happening in the retail real estate industry and great projects are in the making. This is best illustrated by the entries for the MAPIC Awards 2022 category “Best performing Shopping Center”. They include assets such as shopping centers, outlets, and retail parks. They show innovation through new technologies, customer loyalty programs, retail mixes and architectural features which come together for the aim of increasing footfall, customer satisfaction, average spending and offering a unique experience in a new shopping destination. All these outstanding projects demonstrate the strength, innovation, and positivity of our industry.

Our gallery with the most exciting development projects:

Project name: Amsterdam The Style Outlets

Location: Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Developer: NEINVER

Amsterdam The Style Outlets is the first and only outlet center in the Greater Amsterdam region. It features a well-blended retail offer and a diverse range of dining options across 19,000 sq m of GLA, with some brands debuting in the Dutch outlet market. This open-air village design inspired by Dutch architecture is built on a waterside setting, it integrates environmental sustainability and offers excellent transport links and an advantageous proximity to Amsterdam. Its timely launch, despite COVID-19, is the culmination of the hard work of the NEINVER team, who worked in close collaboration with the brand and investor partners, and the local community.

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Project name: FASHION HOUSE Outlet Centre Pallady, Bucharest

Location: Bucharest, Romania

Developer: Liebrecht & wooD Romania

FASHION HOUSE Outlet Centre Pallady is a 12,590 sq m open air shopping gallery which features a design concept inspired by Bucharest’s Belle Époque. This is the second FASHION HOUSE project in Bucharest managed by the FASHION HOUSE Group. The first phase of the outlet opened its doors on May 27th, 2021, following a 25 million Euro investment. As the first new outlet center to open on mainland Europe in 2021, FASHION HOUSE Pallady is set to be a major smart shopping destination on Bucharest’s commercial map. The second phase of the

project will be launched in 2023.

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Project name: Grand Majidi Mall

Location: Erbil, Iraq

Developer: Hewa Company for Real Estate and Industrial Investment Limited

The mall is located on the northern east skirts of Erbil city, which has a radial structure from the center to the outer rings. Erbil is a retail-centric city, commerce has a significant role in its region with malls, shops, restaurants, and historical bazaars. This attraction supports city tourism as well. The mall is a comprehensive cultural commercial experience that bridges the old and new, the oriental and western, the modern and conventional. The Erbil Majidi mall is in a location which is in the physically developing region of the city, that is rapidly growing and urbanizing as well.

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Project name: Hede Fashion Outlet

Location: Gothenburg, Sweden

Developer: VIA Outlets

Over 150 Scandinavian and international fashion and lifestyle brands are represented at Hede Fashion Outlet, the only outlet shopping destination servicing Gothenburg, the second largest city in Sweden. With stores and cafes lining its pedestrianized streets, Hede Fashion Outlet is an open-air destination where guests shop, eat, and unwind 361 days a year. A major extension project was completed in 2019, adding 2,500 sq m comprised of 15 additional units, to meet the demand for new international and regional brands. A great city with strong foreign trade links, Gothenburg has a significant port that welcomes cruise ship tourists visiting the project year-round.

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Project name: LILLE LE 31

Location: Lille, France

Developer: REDEVCO

Le 31 is a new-generation urban development of 25,000 sq m. This new community, which brings together more than nine innovative activities in an iconic location at the city center, shines through with its dynamism, complementarity, and coherence of the various concepts. Le 31 is an example of urban recycling which, due to its size, the richness of its programming and its CSR component, makes it an emblematic operation. Through the exclusive experience it provides, there exists an offering for a wide range of services: offices, co-working, hotel, wellness, leisure, catering and shops, all-in-all culminating to a totally innovative setting.

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Project name: LONGFOR Paradise Walk

Location: Shanghai, China

Developer: LONGFOR Group

Located in Fengxian New Town in Shanghai, the project is a subway superstructure complex project on the coast. Drawing on Fengxian’s culture, the design team proposed the concept of “commercial ecological island”, using design elements such as shells and woven patterns to enhance the sense of space, making the project a carrier of traditional culture, and building it into a national benchmark for new town commerce.

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Project name: McArthurGlen Designer Outlet West Midlands

Location: Cannock Chase, United Kingdom

Developer: McArthurGlen Group

Located 30 minutes from Birmingham, McArthurGlen Designer Outlet West Midlands has quickly become a major new shopping destination. The project has regenerated the Cannock Chase area, providing a focal point for tourism, delivering improved infrastructure, and facilitating over 1,000 jobs. The 180 million Euro development features luxury guest amenities, dancing water fountains, bespoke artwork and a one-of-a kind children’s playground, alongside exclusive rewards, and events for members of the McArthurGlen’s loyalty program, McArthurGlen Club. The center is home to a carefully curated mix of sought-after brands, from Calvin Klein and Coach to Starbucks and Five Guys. The team is working towards a second phase.

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Project name: Quartier Bleu

Location: Hasselt, Belgium

Developer: Matexi NV

Quartier Bleu (by Matexi), Belgium’s biggest development, is a new district next to the harbor of Hasselt which combines retail, residential living, and restaurants. The restaurants and terraces along the quay, the attractive shopping boulevard and the marina radiate a relaxed holiday feeling. With 400 apartments and 14 town houses in different architectural designs, it offers a variety of choices to different target groups. The retail mix combines local and international brands unique to Limburg. Its affordable, spacious parking area makes it the perfect start for one’s visit to Hasselt. The entire project uses geothermal energy for heating and cooling.

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Project name: Retail Mind

Location : Alcantarilha, Portugal

Developer : Telhabel Construções SA

Sudoeste Retail Park has a GLA of 14 500 sq m, featuring 19 major Portuguese and international brands. This complex is one of the largest in Portugal and the largest of its kind in the Algarve region. In a privileged location, next to Exit 7 of Algarve´s main highway the A22, it represents an investment of 25 million Euro. This project took the ESG criteria into account, which are reflected in the commitments assumed for both the construction and operation phases. Sudoeste Retail Park, a long-awaited project, is an agent capable to change the entire region.

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Project name: Taikoo Li Qiantan

Location: Shanghai, China

Developer: Swire/LJZ

Taikoo Li Qiantan is the first retail center of its kind that promotes wellness as a key attribute of its design. Located in the heart of the new Qiantan central business district, near the Huangpu River and south of the Shanghai Expo, Taikoo Li Qiantan integrates biophilic design and principles of wellness with over 120,000 sq m of retail, food, and beverage offerings. To celebrate its location, Taikoo Li Qiantan derives its overall form from the nearby Huangpu River, utilizing soft curves and warm, natural materials that flow into each other to define the exterior.

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Project name: Tashkent City Mall

Location: Tashkent, Uzbekistan

Developer: Hyper Partners LLC

The mixed-used project consists of a hotel, apartments, a shopping mall, and an adjoining business center. The Tashkent City Mall shopping center accommodates a world-class luxury hotel managed by a global brand. The unique architecture, expressive décor and attentive service are the distinctive features of the brand Tashkent City Mall. The service and infrastructure of the apartment complex are being managed by the hotel operator.

Project name: The CookBook and Galleria at NorteShopping

Location : Porto, Portugal

Developer : Sonae Sierra

The CookBook and Galleria are the new gastronomy plaza concept and premium shopping spaces at NorteShopping, a center welcoming an average of 17 million visitors per year. GALLERIA materializes an innovative concept in Portugal, with a distinctive positioning and offer, refined personality, and a visually stimulating environment. It has an exclusive ambiance, with the presence of artistic installations, designer fashion brands, gourmet concepts, signature chefs and a champagne bar. Inspired by traditional markets, “The CookBook” brings the street experience together with ancestral kitchens, comfortable spaces, and quality street and traditional gastronomy to reinforce the invitation to relax and socialize.

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Location: Bangkok, Thailand


The Mall Ngamwongwan and the Mall Tha Pra are two successful Thai shopping malls owned and operated by the Mall Group, one of the largest and most successful mall operators in Thailand. In 2020, they had embarked on a major regeneration project designed to update these malls and appeal to a new generation of shoppers. And so, The Mall Lifestore was born.

The redesign and renovation transformed the physical space, creating innovative floorplans and a seamless shopping experience, a unique new concept that has proved to be a success with both shoppers and tenants alike.

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Project name: Vialia Estación de Vigo

Location: Vigo, España


Vialia Vigo is a mixed-used project based on the concept of the 15-minute city, built under strict sustainability standards. The project integrates different uses and activities into the same space and manages to regenerate a desolate neighborhood in the heart of Vigo in Spain. The flexibility and adaptability in the conceptualization of the project have allowed the developers to carry out an implementation adapted to the needs and expectations of the environment, providing solutions related to accessibility, transportation, public spaces, services, entertainment, and trade. A great closeness and sensitivity have been shown since the beginning to the communities, local history and tradition.

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Project name: Vila do Conde Porto Fashion Outlet

Location: Porto, Portugal

Developer: VIA Outlets

Vila do Conde Porto Fashion Outlet is the only outlet shopping destination in the north of Portugal, located 20 minutes away from Porto, Portugal’s second largest city. It offers a wide selection of international and Portuguese brands. With over 3 million annual international visitors visiting Porto and 3.7 million residents living within 90 minutes of the outlet, Vila do Conde Porto Fashion Outlet is an immensely popular retail destination. During a major renovation completed in 2021, a new entrance atrium, food courts, and a new retail park with seven new stores and a paddle tennis academy was added to the fashion outlet.

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Project name: Westfield Mall of the Netherlands

Location: Leidschendam, The Netherlands

Developer: URW

With an impressive 124,000 sq m of floor space, Westfield Mall of the Netherlands is the largest indoor shopping destination in the country featuring flagship stores from leading brands and shops of local entrepreneurs, as well as offering a variety of trendy cafes and eateries. The center, a regeneration project of an outdated structure, has been transformed to a world class shopping and leisure destination with well-thought store design, quality, and service. With iconic flagship stores, brands, new designers, independent stores, and pop-ups, it is a destination that connects customers to both the physical and digital world through retail.

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Project name: WOW Concept

Location: Barcelona, Spain

Developer: Construction Management: Empty

WOW is a well-articulated project, with a digital marketplace that complements the online shopping experience through interactive systems. This project nourishes the physical space, which is the first point of sale. Each floor is unique and dynamic making WOW a theatre of retail, an iridescent scenography that changes and transforms with every floor to wow the customer. This innovative space blends reality with fiction, the physical becomes digital, and shopping becomes an immersive experience.