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retail real estate

The German transaction market for retail space recorded a low transaction volume of around EUR 2.8 billion in the first half of 2023 – compared with around EUR 7.8 billion in 2022 as a whole. Overall, it can be seen that online retail is having a negative impact on the development of sales in stationary retail even after the Corona pandemic. However, stationary retail for everyday needs in particular, such as retail parks in residential areas with a high population density, is proving robust and benefiting from the new situation. These trends extend much further than just Germany, as similar patterns can be recognized on other European markets as well.

Digitalization in the retail sector is in full swing. This is leading both to a changed shopping experience for customers of local suppliers and discounters and to simplified processes in the management and purchase and sale of retail real estate. However, retailers should be mindful of customers’ interests when using artificial intelligence (AI) in sales. While functioning digital systems are important, completely digital smart stores without personal support miss the mark when it comes to consumer needs. This is shown in the third GRR Basic Retail Report, which GRR Group is presenting with its cooperation partner Savills.

MEC, the retail real estate specialist and German market leader for the operation of retail parks, has successfully completed 48 general planning projects in 2022. MEC’s Technical Property Management (TPM) team was given 36 contracts for complex construction measures at central locations.

The UK’s indoor family activity brand, Oxygen, has appointed Stärka, the leisure real estate advisory business, to support the brand’s expansion throughout the UK. Stärka’s brief is to secure strategically located sites of between 1,858 sq m to 2,787 sq m owned or managed by landlords that are looking to provide a unique experience for their customers and visitors.

Finnish retail real estate tech company HyperIn’s latest mall retailer data shows that sustainability-related tenant offers have risen significantly in 2022, with the word green appearing in up to four times as many offers over the last year. The trend is an indicator for retailers on ad targeting, pointing towards an increasing share of ads for green products and experiences.