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Credit: TBI Architecture & Engineering
Credit: TBI Architecture & Engineering


MEC, the retail real estate specialist and German market leader for the operation of retail parks, has successfully completed 48 general planning projects in 2022. MEC’s Technical Property Management (TPM) team was given 36 contracts for complex construction measures at central locations.

Compared with the previous year, this represents a 44 percent increase in order volume. Numerous smaller construction measures were also carried out by MEC’s Technical Management team in day-to-day operations.

The services provided by the TPM construction specialists are increasingly in demand. These include energy condition assessment, construction control, project management and supervision, and general planning services. With its technical and commercial expertise, the MEC team provides comprehensive support for extensive projects – from the initial idea to completion. The best example of this is the refurbishment currently underway in Dreieich Nordpark, Germany. Recently, through the architectural severing of five new retail spaces, the proprietor’s approval for all interior and exterior implementation work, and the submission of the building application the team has achieved milestones.

“Seamless team play is particularly important in such major projects. Accordingly, we always work closely with the respective center owners and tenants on such construction projects, as well as with our leasing management, center, and technical management on site,” says Sven Schneeweiß, Head of Technical Property Management at MEC.

The handling of complex construction projects from a single source

Many other construction measures were also implemented in recent years through the redesign of former real spaces. In the course of re-letting, the MEC construction experts re-divided these at several locations, creating two to three new retail spaces in each case. Equipped with new technology and modernized, they made the areas fit for the future. The clients of MEC’s construction services are the investors of various retail properties and retailers, such as Kaufland, Decathlon, dm Drogeriemarkt, Adler, Rusta, and Rewe, among others. “For us, technical modernization does not just mean a 1:1 replacement of outdated equipment. Together with the owners, we make the properties fit in terms of ESG and gradually increase the share of renewable energy,” says Schneeweiß.

In addition, 2022 saw the successful completion of a wide range of construction measures at the Breisgau Center Freiburg, Germany. Around 10,600 sq m of converted space was added. In addition to the restructuring of the spaces Kaufland and dm Drogeriemarkt possesses and the shopping areas there, the experts have also ensured as part of the controlling of the construction that the construction description, the associated planning, and the final store design by the retailers were consistent. The final result can be seen by visitors in the form of modernized refrigerated shelves, fresh food counters, and a new bakery area. “Thanks to the measures we implemented, we were able to make the Breisgau Center Freiburg more attractive for visitors and at the same time make it fit for the future,” says Schneeweiß.

Construction measures during daily operations

In return, Technical Management (TM) is responsible for the day-to-day technical management of the MEC sites and provided 122 property management services last year. The services performed include the coordination of rental space extensions and the preparation of construction contracts and proposals.

Looking back on the past twelve months, Sven Schneeweiß says with satisfaction: “All the measures implemented in 2022 were a sporting achievement that paid off. Thanks to our technical and commercial expertise, we were able to secure and expand the values of the retail properties entrusted to us for our customers – a complete success!”


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