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Denim brand Levi’s® has opened a new store in Amsterdam The Style Outlets, the center operated by Spanish multinational NEINVER. The more than 400 sq m store will offer a wide selection of Levi’s® world-renowned products, including the 501® classic jeans, as well as a vast range of other denim jeans, jackets, shirts and accessories.

Inflation encourages consumers to go in search of even greater value for money, states Giles Membrey, Managing Director of Rioja Estates. Therefore, he argues, Outlets are becoming more attractive to costumers. Furthermore, also internet sales are a driver of Outlets.

“Retail has become an experiential interface, and the outlet proposition offers a key difference,” states Daniel Losantos. On the occasion of the ACROSS anniversary, the CEO of NEINVER took the opportunity to reflect on the last few years and to look ahead to the future, despite the uncertainty in which we find ourselves today.

“Could this be the right time for the shopping center industry to pull itself together and adopt the successful concepts of its outlet colleagues? – This question was raised at the end of the first Retail Talk in 2023. On February 15, 2023, a top-class panel discussed “Outlets – A Winning Retail Format.”

While the pandemic inevitably slowed the growth of the outlet market last year, most centers are performing surprisingly well, as a report by Ken Gunn Consulting for MAPIC also notes. The industry is proving that experience and flexibility are key to a successful retail formula. As a result, key players, in particular, are confident that the current challenges can be overcome.

To succeed in the digital age, landlords and operators must embrace a culture of fact-based decision making. Adopting advanced analytics tools and investing in the collection of valuable data to inform their business decisions will enable them to improve their own business performance, that of retailers, and, indeed, that of the rest of the retail industry.

It is an exciting time for our current and future developments, which have hit some key milestones in recent times, says CEO Otto Ambagtsheer. All of his developments and projects happen under the light of high ESG and energy efficiency standards. ACROSS spoke with the VIA Outlets CEO about the current mood in the outlet industry.