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Since 1996, the MAPIC Awards reward excellence, innovation and creativity in the retail real estate industry, celebrating the industry’s most useful, sustainable and visionary projects. This year, the MAPIC Awards feature a number of new categories, reflecting MAPIC’s commitment to serve communities, businesses and the planet. The entry phase of the competition is open until July 22, 2024.

Congratulations to all MAPIC Awards winners, who were honoured for their excellence, innovation, and creativity in the retail real estate sector.

The Commercial real estate industry is showing its most optimistic face. The 2022 edition of the French commercial real estate show MAPIC is focusing on the retail sector’s transformation.

Innovative global ideas and projects vie to win 12 categories of Awards, to be presented on Wednesday, 30th of November, during MAPIC 2022 at the Palais des Festivals, Cannes, France

According to MAPIC Director Francesco Pupillo: During times of transformation, we have to guide people in a better and more intensive way. Therefore, he wants to increase the value enjoyed by the attendees of this year’s MAPIC by, among other things, connecting them via special events and focusing more attention on new and innovative retail models.