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Credit: MAPIC
Credit: MAPIC


The Commercial real estate industry is showing its most optimistic face. The 2022 edition of the French commercial real estate show MAPIC is focusing on the retail sector’s transformation.

After making its post-Covid come-back in 2021, when at the time the pandemic’s impact could still be felt, the 2022 edition of MAPIC is presenting the entire spectrum of the retail real estate industry. Despite all the challenges, the industry is showing a very optimistic face and is keen to embrace the transformation of the sector.

New at MAPIC: Retail Village

A new part of the 2022 concept is the MAPIC Retail village. A major, central location has been set aside within the Palais des Festivals for the show. With constant fluctuations and changes in the retail industry, the purpose of the Retail Village at MAPIC is to not only put retail back on stage, but also to showcase new and agile retail initiatives. As part of its effort to build the right retail mix, MAPIC and its partners have curated these retail concepts that are all connected by their shared values of sustainability, local sourcing, inclusion and diversity.

Francesco Pupillo, Director of MAPIC, has said: “Historically, MAPIC itself brings together retailers and property players looking to promote or negotiate acquisitions and leases — but this well-established relationship becomes much more complex as the most successful companies are not always those that find the best physical locations. It is now those that combine their physical and digital markets to create a fluid, coherent experience — regardless of the channel taken but with a customer-centric approach. The Retail Village at MAPIC will host innovative brands selected for their originality and agility of their concepts.”

MAPIC Awards

One of the highlights of the retail real estate show is the MAPIC Awards. During the MAPIC Awards Ceremony and Gala Dinner on November 30th, the winners will be revealed. First held in 1996, the MAPIC Awards honor excellence, innovation, and creativity in the retail real estate sector. The annual awards program recognises the finest rising retail and leisure concepts, best performing retail real estate assets and projects, and innovative and sustainable initiatives, and it culminates in a prestigious gala dinner attended by the most influential professionals in the industry.

MAPIC Awards 2022’s 12 categories are selected by following the current and upcoming market shifts and trends. Some of the most exciting categories whic have been added this year are: “Best Sustainable Retail Initiative”, presenting innovative projects in both retail and real estate, for a more sustainable future; “Best Omnichannel Strategy”, demonstrating how physical and digital work together to increase brand revenues; and “Best Store Design” by French Designers, in partnership with Institut Français du Design (the French Institute of Design). Learn more about the winners of the MAPIC Award in our ACROSS weekly newsletter.

MAPIC’s organizers RX France have said to have attracted a total of 1,500 retailers and leisure and restaurant businesses, culminating to a total of nearly 6,000 participants from 80 countries. Half of the area is devoted to retail exhibitors, while developers, city authorities, investors, contractors and service providers make up the other half. In addition to this, the second edition of the LeisureUp show dedicated to the leisure sector, and The Happetite Forum, centered on the restaurant and catering world, are taking place.


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