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New 2022 Edition of MAPIC Awards launched

Innovative global ideas and projects vie to win 12 categories of Awards, to be presented on Wednesday, 30th of November, during MAPIC 2022 at the Palais des Festivals, Cannes, France

MAPIC announces, in addition to the four established categories, eight new categories to this year’s MAPIC Awards 2022, with submissions open and invited from worldwide entrants by 30th June, and a prestigious award ceremony in November.

First held in 1996, the MAPIC Awards honour excellence, innovation, and creativity in the retail real estate sector. The annual awards programme recognises the finest rising retail and leisure new concepts, best performing retail real estate assets and projects, and innovative and sustainable initiatives, and it culminates in a prestigious gala dinner attended by the most influential professionals in the industry.

What to expect

MAPIC Awards 2022’s 12 categories are revitalized following current and upcoming market shifts and trends. Some of the most exciting disciplines added this year are: “Best Sustainable Retail Initiative”, presenting innovative projects in both, retail and real estate, for a more sustainable future; “Best Omnichannel Strategy”, demonstrating how physical and digital work together to increase brand revenues; and “Best Store Design” by French Designers, in partnership with Institut Français du Design (the French Institute of Design). Further information on all 12 categories below.

The jury panel for MAPIC 2022 is comprised of senior industry experts led by Mayté Legeay, Senior Asset Management Europe at Resolution Property. The jury board will include key experts comprising a mix of skills from sustainability, CSR, retail and F&B to marketing and architecture.

The 12 Categories in Detail:

Best New Retail Concept
This category recognises new retail concepts launched within the past three years.

Best New F&B Concept
This category rewards a Food and Beverage retailer that over the past three years, has shown originality through singularity of product, innovative positioning and architecture.

Best New Leisure Concept
This category recognizes the most successful entertainment concept and its integration at point of sale to offer a unique and fun shopping experience, whilst generating sustainable long-term profits. 

Best Retail Innovation Solution
This category celebrates the greatest innovations in retail technology, looking at solutions that enhance the shopping experience and reinforce the efficiency of the retailer or shopping centre in terms of sales, footfall, customer loyalty, and growth opportunities.

Best Retail Omnichannel Strategy
This category recognises a retailer that can demonstrate the role of its physical stores in an omnichannel distribution network. A new category for 2022 that celebrates the most inspirational retailers that have adapted their store strategy to support the omnichannel distribution network.

Best Sustainable Retail Initiative
This category rewards two sustainable initiatives, within retail and property, and explores new ways in which industry players are working towards a more sustainable future and the effectiveness of these initiatives.

Best Performing Outlet Centre
This new for 2022 category celebrates the growing popularity and attractiveness of outlet centres among consumers.

Best Performing Shopping Center
This category recognises the best performing shopping centre to show innovation through the use of new technologies, customer loyalty programmes, retail mix, and architectural features.

Best Performing Retail Park
This new category celebrates the most profitable retail parks, across sales, and footfall performance.

Best Urban Regeneration Project
This category recognises the most successful regeneration of an area of which retail development has played a significant role.

Best New Development Project
This category celebrates new projects that have opened between January 2019 and April 2022 in the retail real estate market, including assets such as shopping centers, outlets, and retail parks.

Best Store Design by French Designers in partnership with Institut Francais du Design
This category, in partnership with Institut Français du Design (the French Institute of Design), will analyse the impact of design on today’s retail scene.

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