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October 19, 2020

Leading specialist UK leisure property agency, Shelley Sandzer, acting on behalf of a private landlord, has leased the 4,300 sq ft restaurant at 38 Victoria Road in Surbiton to Megan’s, the independent all-day eatery.

Multi is currently carrying out several refurbishment projects within its portfolio, all of which center around the creation of spaces that are integral parts of their respective communities.

The share of Internet sales has returned to near pre-pandemic levels. At the same time, Polish customers are more willing than before to turn to convenience shopping in smaller retail formats.

OVAL, an art and cultural center of great interest to a wide-ranging public, which inspires, entertains, and captivates its visitors time and time again, opened its doors 15 years ago in October 2005 at Salzburg’s EUROPARK shopping center. Managing Directors Marcus Wild and Christoph Andexlinger came up with the concept for the center.

Mediation is a highly informal method of resolving business disputes, which is several times cheaper than court proceedings or arbitration proceedings. Could it provide an ideal manner in which to resolve such disputes during the coronavirus crisis?