Monthly Archives: August 2018

“Technology for the Sake of Technology Is Fruitless”

ACROSS: You have recently celebrated your 150th anniversary. What do these one and a half centuries signify to you as the CEO? SILVIO KIRCHMAIR: As the CEO, it is a great honor to be able to support the Group’s shopfitting … Continue reading

Pop-up: Incubate, Innovate, and Transform

By Patrick Burkert Let’s start with the nature of the pop-up store’s original concept: Here today, gone tomorrow. Pop-up stores are temporary concepts utilized by emerging or established brands and retailers that use live marketing, special sales, or creative events … Continue reading

Austria on the upswing: The outlook for Austrian property markets remains bright

By Martin Sabelko Traditionally, German investors’ appetite for Austrian real estate has generally been explained by low market entry hurdles, including a shared language and strong similarities between the two nations’ legal codes. But while these reasons have lost none of … Continue reading

TH Real Estate launches next platform for German retail

Marcus Mack, Fund Manager at investment management company TH Real Estate, is excited about the strong fundamentals and the polycentric structure in Germany, which makes it a stable and attractive country to invest in. The current high demand for real … Continue reading

First Crowdfunding Offer at a Mall in Austria

Located in the downtown area of Kapfenberg, the ece has been a popular destination since 1992. Due to its good transport connections, the mall can be reached in a very short time by approximately 125,000 people from the Styrian city … Continue reading

Refurbishment works don’t have to mean disruption

By Sofia Trofimova Structural changes mainly caused by the rise in online shopping, mean those of us managing retail assets need to incorporate new leisure, entertainment and food & beverage offerings to keep footfall and tenant sales buoyant. But the process … Continue reading

Transforming the waterfront into a vibrant retail destination

By Rolf Thorsen As more cities envision turning their waterfronts into destinations where people want to live, work, and enjoy their time, the question of how to best develop these distinctive areas has arisen. Waterfronts are inherently public assets, and … Continue reading