Monthly Archives: October 2015

Tricks of the trade for shopping center survival

BY NEIL HOCKIN Being a geographically small country with strong transport links, consumers are prepared to travel to regionally dominant destinations where they are able to enjoy a full retail experience. This, combined with increasing competition from the internet, has … Continue reading

Largest commercial and residential facility in Montenegro opened

At a grand, official meeting on September 18 in Podgorica, Capital Investment (CI), in collaboration with Abu Dhabi Financial Group (ADFG), officially opened The Capital Plaza. It is the largest mixed-use real estate development in Montenegro, occupying about 93,000 sq … Continue reading

A Lesson in Foodservice Economics

BY JONATHAN DOUGHTY There are many indicators to point to the increased comfort that our customers, our “guests”, are feeling, but the most obvious and easy one to measure is their spend on foodservice in shopping centers. Typically this data … Continue reading

Turnover turbo for shops

ACROSS: Shopkick is already on everyone’s lips in the US. What business model does it pursue? CYRIAC ROEDING: Shopkick is a shopping app that makes shopping rewarding, more enjoyable, and more personal. It does this by rewarding users with points … Continue reading

Ukraine’s Retail Real Estate – Survival Strategy

The downward movement of Ukraine’s macroeconomic situation in Ukraine in 2014 and the first half of 2015 did not help the performance of the retail real estate market. According to UTG, the result is that this segment was characterized by … Continue reading

81,000 sq m of New Retail Space for the Belgian Capital

Uplace Brussels blends more than 300 shops featuring 81,000 sq m of stores, cosmopolitan bars, and restaurants; 52,000 sq m of international prime office space; 19,500 sq m of recreation facilities such as a deluxe cinema and theater; a trendy, … Continue reading

It’s time to check out Spain!

BY JAVIER HORTELANO DE LA LASTRA During the last months, we have been observing how national and international investors’ confidence has come back to Spain. If we just look at real estate investment transactions, we can see that, in the … Continue reading