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Top 20 Store Openings to Watch in February 2022

Shopingy mall analyser and ACROSS Magazine present the top 20 store openings to watch on a monthly basis. Here is the exclusive data for February 2022.

Who influences the retail market? Who opens where? In a highly competitive sector, such as retail, knowing about the latest market trends and customer preferences is becoming increasingly important. Therefore, ACROSS Magazine and Shopingy Mall Analyser are jointly preparing a unique monthly overview of 20 top opened stores. Follow us on regular basis.

Shopingy Mall Analyser is a fast and easy way to analyse retail stores openings and closings as well as to monitor European shopping malls. The most recently monitored countries are: Austria (A), Czech Republic (CZ), Denmark (DNK), Germany (D), Poland (PL), Slovakia (SK), Switzerland (CH) and all European outlet centers, and the list is about to grow.

Store name Stores category Shopping mall Country
1. Snipesi Streetwear Silesia City PL
2. Jott Apparel Westside Bern CH
3. Tedi Home Auhof Center A
4. American Vintagei Apparel Batavia Stad Fashion Outlet NL
5. Bassetti Home Forum Montreux CH
6. Bella Freudi Apparel Bicester Village UK
7. iStores Media & Electronics Novum Prešov SK
8. Kaufland Food Ring Center Berlin D
9. Pepcoi Apparel Huma Eleven A
10. Foot Locker Streetwear Wroclavia PL
11. Flying Tiger Home Forum Ústí nad Labem CZ
12. Levi´s Apparel Messepark Dornbirn D
13. Gordon Ramsay Street Burger Restaurants & Cafes Icon Outlet UK
14. Odloi Underwear & Swimmwear Oslo Fashion Outlet N
15. Noodle King Restaurants & Cafes Einkaufszentrum Schwechat A
16. Moschino Apparel The Mall San Remo I
17. Guess Kidsi Apparel Mokotow PL
18. Eyewear Marstall Ludwigsburg D
19. Le Coq Sportif Sport La Roca Village E
20. Cornellianii Apparel Landquart Fashion Outlet CH

Monitored markets

CZ 248 malls 57 openings SK 100 malls 33 openings
D 854 malls 128 openings PL 586 malls 170 openings
A 188 malls 49 openings European Outlets 207 malls 86 openings
CH 285 malls 44 openings DK Coming soon  

Shopingy Mall Analyser is a live retail database. Using specially developed algorithms, Mall Analyser updates the tenants’ structure of each shopping center on a monthly basis. All changes are recorded and saved. The Live Retail Database monitors the information of closed and newly opened retail units. This creates a unique history of brands’ behavior and stores in all of the monitored markets.

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