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credit: NEINVER
credit: NEINVER


A close cooperation with the brands is the key for success. Fran Gutiérrez, Retail Director NEINVER, explains how this looks like in practice. NEINVER not only supports their brands with technological tools. The company has prioritized people and training as two main pillars in its retail strategy to support brands’ growth.

By Fran Gutiérrez

At NEINVER, we have always considered ourselves a partner to our brands and made it one of our priorities to offer them tools that support them in achieving their goals and grow their businesses. This is even more important today in such a challenging retail landscape that requires in-depth knowledge of the market and professionals that are able to identify and anticipate retailers’ needs.

We have grown to think as retailers and we have developed a brand-focused strategy based, among others, on segmentation which allows us to closely track the performance of our brand partners. This strategy is founded on three basic principles: speed, proximity, alignment, and is shaped around two major keystones: technology and people.

Technology to support Brands

There is no doubt that technology offers us “speed”. At NEINVER, we have two cutting-edge proprietary tools that provide brands with detailed information on both consumer behavior in our centers and what is happening in each one of their stores in real time. These tools are Athena and Minerva, with both offering extremely insightful data that allows us, operators and brands to react and tailor our retail strategies quickly.

In terms of people, our team of professionals is responsible for maintaining this proximity and staying aligned with the brands. A strong relationship between landlord, operators and retailers working collaboratively to align interests is key. We have our own style, The NEINVER WAY: based on establishing a common work ethic that defines us and sets us apart, simply by the way we do things.

Trainings to enhance Performance

For us, training is key and that is why we have rolled out the Advanced Retail Management program across the six countries in which we operate. The program is designed for the entire retail team, both at central offices and in each of our centers. Its aim is to empower our teams, develop the best talent, optimizing the skills of those working in the retail departments, both at the individual level and in terms of team performance. The program focuses on the areas of management, leadership, negotiation and communication.

However, training is not just limited to the NEINVER team, we are taking things one step further by launching our very own online training platform – NEINVER School – aimed at all employees of the brands operating at our centers. The aim is to support them with tools and knowledge that will enhance their performance. Some of the areas in which NEINVER School offers training include sales techniques, communication, management and team management.

We are extremely proud to be one of the leading outlet operators in Europe, but achieving and maintaining this position requires hard work, dedication and the best professionals – and this is what we strive for each and every day at NEINVER.

Fran Gutiérrez
Fran Gutiérrez

Fran Gutiérrez is Retail Director at NEINVER