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credit: Scotch & Soda
credit: Scotch & Soda

S&S EUROPE, The Retail And E-Commerce Organization Of The Fashion Brand Scotch & Soda, Is Bankrupt

Stores and the online store are said to remain open, while trustees aim for a restart.

S&S Europe is the Northern European retail and e-commerce (online store) organization of the clothing brand Scotch & Soda, which previously went bankrupt in 2023. After the bankruptcy in 2023, Scotch & Soda was acquired by Bluestar Alliance, a New York-based brand management company. The retail and e-commerce activities in Northern Europe were continued by S&S Europe B.V.

The bankruptcy is caused by logistical problems following the restart in 2023 and ongoing losses as a result, states the original press release.

Bankruptcy has also been filed for the branches in Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg, and Austria. In total, this involves 92 stores and 721 employees, of which 28 stores and 320 employees are in the Netherlands.

The trustees, Michel Moeijes and Abslem Ourhris from Tanger Advocaten, are aiming for a restart. It is expected that within approximately 2 weeks, through a restart, sales activities will be continued by another party in consultation with brand owner Bluestar Alliance.


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