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credit: Ibrahim Ibrahim
credit: Ibrahim Ibrahim


Ibrahim Ibrahim, Managing Director of Portland Design, ACROSS Board member and a regular keynote speaker, has just published his first book: “Future-Ready Retail”.

After many years of delivering keynote presentations on future consumer trends and their impact on the physical retail space, Ibrahim Ibrahim has finally put pen to paper and has written his first book, which was published earlier this month.

In the book, (published by Kogan Page), he explores the future customer experience, how to re-build retail places, re-ignite our high streets and shopping centres, whilst galvanising communities.

Given the context that we are living in, with physical shops facing challenging and unprecedented times, Future-Ready Retail explains how changing consumer needs, the impact of digital and the issues around sustainability and wellness have transformed retail and provides compelling solutions to help re-imagine the high street and out-of-town malls.

Addressing the decline in physical retail

Conventional high streets and shopping malls throughout the world no longer attract the crowds needed to sustain them as successful commercial spaces. Suffering from the effects of online shopping, changing consumer attitudes and expectations, and the legacy impact of Covid, there’s a sense of urgency and the need to address the decline in physical retail.

Ibrahim comments: “It’s about the future of retail and what impact that will have on our communities, cities, malls, and main streets. I believe it’s a subject that is very current and important to our firm and our clients. Also, I am a board member of the UK Government’s ‘High Street Task Force’, where the topic is deemed as very urgent”.