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Credit: MULTI
Credit: MULTI


Chainels has partnered with Multi Corporation to launch the Multi Forum tenant experience app, and provide a digital ecosystem to retail assets managed by Multi. Among the assets that use the app are Polish-based Magnolia Park, Ferio Konin and Sarni Stock, and Turkish-based Forum Kayseri and Forum Mersin, all owned by Union Investment.

Multi Forum is a digital, all-inclusive management and communication tool capable of handling all necessary tasks on an operational level in a shopping center. Powered by Chainels and tailored for assets under Multi’s management, the platform improves the communication between property management teams, service providers and tenants, while digitalising workflows. Multi Forum is a user-friendly portal available in website and app formats.

The center management teams use Multi Forum to collect store turnover, boost tenant loyalty programs, and handle work requests. In contrast, the tenants can report issues and book amenities and services through the same platform. Tenants can also book advertising space within the centers, easily checking availability, reserving, and paying for the space through the platform.

Time-saving modules contributing to increased efficiency include the ‘Request Form’ module which features a digital approval process for any request within the center, such as after-hours building access, or the ‘Turnover Reporting’ module that makes the submission and collection of turnover data a friction-less process through its Smart Performance Reporting and Integrated Reminder features. Tenants` sales data can be collected on a predefined frequency, e.g. daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and/or yearly. Automatic reminders whose timing and frequency are fully configurable, are set in advance and are only sent to those tenants who haven’t submitted the store turnover yet.

Through Multi Forum turnover reporting, management teams receive the sales and performance data they need to determine the rent and to invoice tenants, but can also request additional performance KPIs, including footfall, energy usage, basket size, per product group sales and online vs offline sales to better understand overall performance and trends. As the landlord, Union Investment can access the data gathered through the Multi Forum platform, and work with the Multi property management teams to optimise their tenants’ experience.       

Jörg-Michael Zimmermann, Head of Asset Management Shopping Center International, Union Investment Real Estate GmbH, said: ”At Union Investment we pride ourselves in developing strong partnerships with both our tenants and contracted property managers. The partnership with Multi and Chainels enables us to build a strong eco-system across the portfolio and offer synergies to our tenants to best serve them.”

Sander Verseput, co-founder, COO & CFO at Chainels added: “Since our creation in 2013, we have powered 30 million sq m of customer’s space and have become the strategic technology partner of over 400 communities in 16 countries. We pride ourselves in working closely with our customers and other technology players to offer solutions that are both flexible and future-proof.”