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Magdalena Gibney, Operations Director of Multi Poland /// credit: Multi Poland
Magdalena Gibney, Operations Director of Multi Poland /// credit: Multi Poland


Multi Forum is a multi-tasking facility management application developed for Multi Corporation by the Dutch PropTech startup. Data from several Multi managed shopping centers across Europe has shown efficiency benefits. Multi Forum app. is now used in five of the six shopping centers managed by Multi in Poland.

Multi Forum amalgamates all tools for managing and maintaining relations with tenants and business partners in one place. Functionalities include daily communication with tenants and partners, accepting notifications for works in the centre, calendar of events organized in the centre, information about promotions, job offers, reporting work in the premises, reporting technical or safety issues, news for tenants and newsletters and many others that facilitate everyday communication.

“We were testing the platform during the pandemic in Forum Gdańsk and it proved to be particularly useful, and much easier for us to maintain the fluidity of communication between tenants and the management of the malls”, says Magdalena Gibney, Operations Director of Multi Poland. “There are also significant financial benefits that result from savings of such mundane things, like printing paper, and it is an ecologically advantageous solution. We are currently implementing this tool in five shopping centres managed by Multi in Poland and many other assets throughout Europe.”

Financial Savings for Management

Analyses by the creators of the application demonstrates that the sources of financial savings for the manager, and so ultimately for the tenant, is primarily via the automation of processes, i.e. fewer hours spent filling in, distribution of reports and forms, fewer hours spent in direct meetings and telephone contacts with the tenant’s staff and service providers, faster communication, delivering information about promotions, events and facility plans to the website or info kiosks via API.

As Elmar Schoonbrood, Co-CEO of, Multi Corporation explains: “The digitalization of operations through our new technology, including Multi Forum, enables on-site shopping centre management teams to maintain the highest level of efficiency in their daily performance. By utilizing a tenant experience app in daily operations, we have ensured larger group business objectives – both financial and operational – while contributing to our long-term strategy.”

Multi Forum is just one of the digital tools used by Multi Corporation, which as one of the largest commercial property management companies in Europe. It innovates with solutions that respond to the challenges arising from the compelling objectives of fulfilling sustainability requirements and changes in consumer purchasing behaviour. This includes fully digitizing operational processes: revenue management, communication between the centre management team with tenants, helping our clients find talent – and for people in the area to find jobs, technical procedures, documentation management, footfall, tenant-tenant relations, project management, and facility management.

“It is important to integrate digital tools with physical space design to improve consumers experience and relations with tenants” – said Magdalena Gibney. “Applications for managers, tenants and clients allow you to increase turnover and more efficiently operate commercial real estate. We have no doubt that this is a key element of the development strategy in the shopping centre sector.”