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credit: Lillenium
credit: Lillenium

Lillenium launches an innovative digital loyalty program with Coniq

Lillenium Mall has appointed Coniq to launch a new customer engagement and loyalty program that integrates digital applications and omnichannel innovation to create frictionless retail journeys for their customers.

Coniq announces its partnership with Lillenium Mall, who unveiled their exclusive digital loyalty program last month using Coniq’s leading customer engagement platform. Lillenium Mall opened on the 25th of August 2020, in the south of Lille, France. Although the timing was not ideal due to the pandemic, locals were very excited about opening this retail destination, with an atypical architecture and a diversified retail mix. The opening of Lillenium is part of a larger initiative to modernize this area of Lille.

With this in mind, the mall offers unique shopping experiences to provide each of their guests with ‘moments of relaxation and fun’. Lillenium houses more than 90 retailers, over 20 restaurants and a 1000 m2 leisure zone. With a rich and diversified retail mix, they pride themselves on offering unique retail, entertainment, and dining experiences that are unlike any other in Lille.

Innovative Loyalty Program

Since opening its doors in 2020, Lillenium has pioneered building an innovative digital loyalty program to revolutionize how their customers shop. Now, Lillenium strives to create a community unlike any other in Lille by creating a seamless and personalized customer experience. They aim to offer their guests unique value unavailable anywhere else in the area. To do this, they are integrating digital applications and omnichannel innovation to create frictionless retail journeys for their customers.

Lillenium has chosen Coniq’s retail expertise and cutting-edge technology to create a unique loyalty program that will allow them to collect key data insights so that they may better understand, anticipate and improve their customer’s experience. Lillenium collaborates closely with their retail ambassadors to offer guests unrivalled rewards and exclusive offers as they work toward becoming Lille’s number 1 retail destination. Despite being at the beginning of their program, their brand partnerships are flourishing in response to positive feedback.

“Our experience with Coniq has been really great. The team has been very professional and available throughout. They gave great advice about how to construct the program…We spoke to a lot of competitors and we are really happy with our choice to go with Coniq. It is really important to work with professional but kind people and you really have that at Coniq”, states Vincent Bilak, Chief Marketing Officer, Lillenium.

Using Coniq’s IQ platform, Lillenium offers customers a chance to earn points in-store. Customers can earn points by simply visiting the mall and will earn points for every transaction they make in one of Lillenium’s retailers or restaurants. Loyalty members can then redeem these points to unlock exclusive offers and rewards via the app- including gift cards! Their shopping mall program is unlike any other offered in Lille. This digital loyalty program will help Lillenium raise brand awareness and footfall whilst better understanding their customers and offering them an exceptional retail experience.

“Coniq is extremely proud to be part of Lillenium’s mission to become Lille’s leading retail destination. We really look forward to offering their customers something totally new, with seamless and personalised retail experiences; and partnering with Lillenium to further build their brand partnerships and support their journey into the future of retail”, adds Ben Chesser, Coniq CEO.


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