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credit: Kaufland
credit: Kaufland

K-Scan – Kaufland’s digital solution for easy and convenient shopping

Scan products yourself and make shopping even faster and easier – That’s possible at Kaufland with K-Scan. The company is currently offering the new solution in over 50 stores in Germany.

“Offering customers the most enjoyable and convenient shopping experience possible is our top priority”, says Anika Maier, head of the checkout sales organization. “K-Scan further simplifies shopping in our stores: the mobile hand-held scanner saves a lot of time, because at the self-service checkout, customers only have to pay for their purchases without having to take them out of their cart and put them back in again. What’s more, they can keep track of their current purchase amount at all times during their shopping trip.”

K-Scan is very easy to use, all that is required is registration with the Kaufland Card: at the entrance to a store, after scanning the Kaufland Card, customers can take one of the practical hand-held scanners and insert it into the holder provided for this purpose in their shopping cart. While shopping, customers can scan the respective item directly before placing it in the cart. To pay, the scanned purchase is then transferred to the self-service checkout via a QR code. There, the items then just have to be paid for. As an alternative to the handheld scanners, customers can also use their own mobile phones. Simply open the Kaufland app, select K-Scan from the menu, and scan the products directly in the store. In addition to Germany, Kaufland customers in the Czech Republic, Romania and Slovakia can already use K-Scan. 

Digitalization of Shopping-Experience

With K-Scan, Kaufland is introducing another service that makes in-store shopping digital and therefore even easier. From planning the purchase to the payment process, Kaufland customers benefit from various digital services. For example, Kaufland has already been using self-service checkouts in selected stores since 2015 to supplement the classic service checkouts. They are an additional service and offer a fast and modern alternative for small purchases. Due to the positive response from customers, the company has successively expanded the offer and now has self-service checkouts in around 120 stores nationwide. Last year, Kaufland also introduced the Kaufland Card benefit program. The Kaufland Card provides a further link between the in-store and digital shopping worlds: The Kaufland Card can be used in over 750 Kaufland stores and the online marketplace for numerous offers and benefits. In addition to numerous extra discounts, coupons and partner benefits, the card also offers the option of saving the receipt digitally and collecting loyalty points directly on the smartphone.