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Markus Porvari, President and CEO of HyperIn, at SusHi Tech Tokyo 2024. /// credit: HyperIn
Markus Porvari, President and CEO of HyperIn, at SusHi Tech Tokyo 2024. /// credit: HyperIn

HyperIn & SusHi Tech Tokyo 2024: Bridging the Gap Between Continents for a Sustainable Future

This year´s SusHi Tech Tokyo 2024 aimed at fostering cooperation between Japan and Finland by providing a platform for tech companies of both countries to promote sustainability technology and ESG principles. Markus Porvari, President and CEO of HyperIn, represented the company as a keynote speaker at the conference. HyperIn has demonstrated how a startup can successfully grow into a thriving enterprise, showcasing real cases of how some of the leading companies in the Nordics are succeeding with sustainable technology.

The event highlighted the importance of collaboration between these two innovation hubs, and the attendees, including Helsinki Mayor Juhana Vartiainen and other key leaders from the startup ecosystem, who gathered to share insights and foster connections also reflected this.

Speakers at SusHi Tech Tokyo 2024 inspired attendees with their insights into the Finnish and Nordic sustainable startup ecosystem. In his keynote session, Markus Porvari discussed how startups and global corporations in these regions are pioneering sustainability technology and integrating ESG principles into their business models. He referred to Citycon as an example, a global corporation that is seriously applying the latest ESG principles focused on reducing carbon footprints, enhancing social equity, and ensuring corporate transparency through advanced technologies.

In fact, Citycon already has shopping malls that are almost completely carbon neutral, using solar panels on their roofs and underground heating and cooling systems. By 2030, Citycon aims to have no direct carbon emissions from their buildings, with all their purchased energy being carbon neutral.

As another focal point of the event, Markus highlighted the important role artificial intelligence (AI) is playing in commercial real estate. HyperIn is continuing with its commitment to leveraging AI to develop innovative solutions that align with sustainability goals and ESG criteria. One of the company´s key innovations is AI-powered sales reporting, which offers predictive sales forecasting. This technology enables commercial real estate and mixed-use buildings to make informed decisions with insightful accuracy, crucial for strategic planning and inventory management. Additionally, operational efficiency is achieved by automating data analysis, allowing malls to allocate resources more effectively, adjust energy consumption and reduce waste, significantly lowering the carbon footprint and operational costs of properties.

Reflecting on the event, Markus Porvari stated, “SusHi Tech Tokyo 2024 is a testament to the power of international collaboration. By bringing together the best minds from Finland and Japan, we can drive innovation and create a more sustainable future. HyperIn is proud to be part of this initiative, and we are committed to leveraging AI and sustainability technology to make a positive impact.”


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