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credit: Hugo Boss Group
credit: Hugo Boss Group

Hugo Boss Discontinues Production In Asia

The head of the German fashion group Hugo Boss, Daniel Grieder, wants to bring production back to Europe from Asia.

The fashion group Hugo Boss wants to reduce dependencies on its supply chains in Asia owing to “geopolitical tensions”, revealed Grieder to the German WELT newspaper.

“Our strategy is: what is sold in America should be produced in America. What is sold in Europe, in Europe. Shipping goods from one continent to another is no longer in keeping with the times”, says Grieder. However, there are no new factories planned in addition to the existing production in Italy, Germany and Turkey. Instead, the production expansion is to be carried out by suppliers.

Hugo Boss is also open to acquiring another brand, said the manager: “It could be anything that is within our financial reach: fashion, shoes, accessories.” Moreover, he is also considering establishing new labels himself in collaboration with celebrities.

This development is, however, not entirely unexpected, considering that in recent years the fashion group has been coming under fire for allegations of forced labor in its supply chains in China, among other things.


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