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Ercan Okur, MK Illumination Sweden, Charles Larsson, RetailEx and chairman of the jury with Gallerian AMF Fastigheter who wins this year's grand prize and receive "the Nordic Star" by MK Illumination. /// credit: NCSC
Ercan Okur, MK Illumination Sweden, Charles Larsson, RetailEx and chairman of the jury with Gallerian AMF Fastigheter who wins this year's grand prize and receive "the Nordic Star" by MK Illumination. /// credit: NCSC

Gallerian elected Commercial Space of the Year 2023

Yesterday, AMF Fastigheter took home the grand prize Commercial Space of the Year in this year’s NCSC Nordic Awards Finale for their strategic transformation of Gallerian in Stockholm.

The judgment was based on evaluation and reviews of the commercial space to ten different criteria: financial KPI’s, accessibility, concept, management, marketing, community integration, environmental work, tenant mix, architecture and innovation.

The assessment and judgment of this category´s contestants were in the hands of a 3-member Jury, who, in this category, are: Annki Cedervall, Head of Expansion Nordics, Deichmann (Chair), Tiina Fågel, Director Strategic Client Accounts, CBRE, and Charles Larsson, RetailEx.

”Through strategic and consistent work this urban place has developed into something new and exciting for all visitors. With excellent accessibility and a well-curated offer with unique features, the visitor gets a place that is both functional and inspiring and invites repeat visits”, elaborates the Jury on their choice.

“Like a phoenix, this commercial place has risen from an average place to an inspiring and innovative place for shopping, dining, work, meetings, and urban city life. This city center has received an updated mix of tenants where strong brands and specialized stores cooperate with iconic companies. The outside meets the inside seamlessly through a well-thought-out and timeless architecture with places for activities and meetings, which provides a lively quarter at all hours. The integration into the city structure has had repercussions for the entire city’s center development and previously neglected places have been given a new function and a new life.”

Other award categories include Innovative Commercial Concept of the Year, which was awarded to Ingka Centre’s new circular concept store Circuit, and Commercial Chain of the Year, which was awarded to Normal Denmark for showing both spectacular growth and innovation across the Nordics.

”With an impressive expansion rate, both in shopping centers and at street level, Normal also manages to deliver fantastic revenue and a high footfall. Their index numbers are outstanding both nominally and per m2 and in the last 2 years, they have increased the number of stores by over 20% and are currently up to 118 stores in Denmark and close to 500 in Europe. Further, they have expanded their offer with in-store cafés as an innovative way to build community and increase dwell time”, says the Jury of the Commercial Concept category about its winner, Normal Denmark.

Normal Denmark, Winner of Commercial Chain of the Year (left), Klaus Ek, R8Technologies, with the winners and creators of Circuit, Ingka Centres (right) /// credit: NCSC

Commercial Chain of the Year winner Ingka Centret´s Circuit concept store was chosen by the Jury for its success “in establishing a new platform for living a more circular life in an innovative, inspiring, and stylish way. The concept represents the next step in its genre. It is not just a second-hand store, it’s an educational and hands-on platform for how to live a more sustainable life by taking care of the things you own. The concept has the advantage of scalability, in parts or as a whole. And it can show measurable results, which is something that the jury values highly. The Innovative Commercial Concept of the Year combines innovative height, entrepreneurial spirit, creativity, and not least – sustainability.”

Finally, Amager Centret won Marketing Campaign of the Year with their engaging and targeted campaign Total Ama’r.

Amager Centret win the marketing category with the campaign Total Ama’r /// credit: NCSC

”With maximum precision and accuracy, they engaged target audiences in a concept that tapped into a shared and deep-seated identity”, explains the Jury of this category. “The campaign captured the zeitgeist of the times in a visually and linguistically striking way. And the concept informed everything from the leasing strategy and assets to the selection of media channels and formats. It brought tenants and customers together under a common banner and created a sense of belonging. The effort bumped all metrics – including tenant revenues. The Nordic jury was unanimous in its assessment that this marketing campaign was “like no other.”