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credit: Fruitisimo
credit: Fruitisimo

Fruitisimo expanding to DACH countries

Fruitisimo entered German market in February with its first shop in Dresden followed by a second shop in Regensburg last week.

Fruitisimo is a healthy beverage brand active on CEE market, expanding now to DACH countries. Preparations for the opening of the new market have been underway since 2019 and the original deadline for entering the German market was planned for March 2020. Covid-19 put the expansion on hold, and with a delay of three years, which we used to get to know the German customer more intensively, the first store finally opened in Dresden.

“We consider Germany to be great market for Fruitisimo. I believe that timing is very important, because we proved the concept is strong enough to pass the Covid and I’m sure healthy concepts are now much more relevant. Fruitisimo has fantastic positioning in the epicenter of the health megatrend with authentic and refined brand communication, transparency and emotional engagement for the customer”, states Jan Hummel, founder of Fruitisimo. “We see the potential for 200 locations in Germany, based on experience from existing markets and food & beverage brands presence, it seems to be realistic goal.”

In 2023 Fruitisimo plans on opening 11 stores, then next year the company will densify the expansion franchising adding 25 new stores. Fruitisimo is going to franchise new stores and also existing stores. Fruitisimo’s typical franchisee runs 3-5 stores in the region with exclusivity and potential to grow to 10 stores within 2 years.

“From the first weeks of operation, we see higher average check than we expected and also the ramp-up period seems shorter than we planned, reaching the forecasted turnover after three weeks of operation”, says Hummel.