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credit:heidemarie kriz
credit:heidemarie kriz

EuroCis 2024 Highlights Part 2 – Go beyond today!

The EuroCIS trade fair in Düsseldorf is the leading trade fair for retail technology in Europe. A large number of international exhibitors showcase the latest IT solutions and innovations tailored specifically to the retail sector.

Start-up Zone – some highlights of day 2:

Geddid: Germany’s first live shopping marketplace app for sales directly from live videos. Offers users a higher reach, emotional customer loyalty with minimal risk. Great addition for stationary retail – additional sales with a manageable number of staff.

Paperweight AI: Delivers real-time information on inventory levels, planogram compliance. One A3 paper can be used for a weight of up to 20 kg. It is easy to install in existing shelving and offers unparalleled low operating costs and simple deployment. This paper-based sensor technology is working with a SaaS based software plattform and it is open for integration. It is close to zero e-waste because the sensor is recyclabel at end-of-life.

TAWNY:Responsible Vision’s AI technology is changing the landscape of retail by providing insightful solutions to improve customer experience and operational efficiency.
By using privacy-compliant algorithms, retailers gain a detailed analysis of customer behavior, enabling them to develop personalized marketing strategies and improve overall customer satisfaction. However, automated dirt detection to speed up the cleaning process or automated hazard detection to increase security are also areas of application in stationary retail.
Here, video data from existing CCTV cameras can be used to collect data on customer behavior: such as measuring the flow of people
to identify customer movement and attention patterns and understand product visibility. But also the number of people, dwell time, store occupancy, visit times, age groups, gender distribution, face masks, emotional states can be measured.

NIMMSTA enables high performance picking with the Industrial Smart Watch, fundamentally revolutionizing intralogistics. The optimized picking workflows are displayed on the innovative Smart Watch. The bidirectional interaction between worker and WMS makes picking processes up to 50% more efficient. This also achieves a zero error rate. Workers are impressed by the high level of wearing comfort thanks to the ergonomically individual positioning. Increased productivity thanks to the step-by-step process: the smart watch shows every work step on the display and the touch function can be used to communicate directly with the WMS/ERP. This means that stock changes, corrections and confirmations are forwarded to the system in real time.

Tare Tag: The start-up is a digitalization project to avoid packaging waste for retailers, wholesalers and drugstores. Any container can become legally compliant packaging for any product in any quantity. The centerpiece is the digital QR code label. Producers, bottlers, consumers and deposit pools equip their containers with dishwasher-safe labels. The Taretag app can be used to call up the contents and hazardous substances, best-before date, number of uses, store locator or further information such as recipes.

Moviik is an agile queue management software with a focus on the customer journey and extensive tools to improve the customer experience and can be used for events, museums, pharmacies, hospitals, government and spa & wellness. The product is a selection from: Paper ticket , a digital ticket (QR code) , the text ticket (text message with reply with ticket number) – clear presentation for waiting times at banks, or at the doctor or authorities. Finally, feedback is requested during the customer journey in order to improve the service. Hardware for various applications is offered,

Shopopop is a delivery between individuals solution. They make crowdshipping delivery the new standard for goods transport and combining the best of technology with human common sense. For retailers it is an interface connected to their e-commerce site allowing automated creation and tracking their deliveries. Customers use the app to track the order for the time of delivery.

Viziotix is a barcode scanner software (SDK) that make mobile of fixed devices scan every code. Any camera can be converted into a powerful barcode scanner. It enables real-time visibility and digitization of the inventory and captures data from images and videos streamed from any camera.

Envelope: A Leverage AI for shelf Management with integration in three steps: camera connection, product listing and shelf visualization. Advanced AI helps for scalable product identification and 3D shelf understanding. The key benefits are sale increase, over a 20 % boost in employee performance and 10% waste reduction.

Credit all photos: Heidemarie Kriz

The third day at EuroCis 2024 is focused on other exciting discoveries at the trade fair.

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Heidemarie Kriz

Heidemarie Kriz is Retail Architect and Point of Sale Doctor. She is part of the editorial team and has been providing retail tips in Across magazine for around 2.5 years.


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