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credit:heidemarie kriz
credit:heidemarie kriz

EuroCis 2024 Highlights Part 3 – Go beyond today!

The EuroCIS trade fair in Düsseldorf is the leading trade fair for retail technology in Europe. A large number of international exhibitors showcase the latest IT solutions and innovations tailored specifically to the retail sector.

Some of the highlights of the last day of the fair:

Vusion Group I Captana AI: Digitizing physical store processes in retail. Captana Computer AI helps maximizing the shelf space and checking the freshness of fruit and vegetable products. A wide range of different designs of ESL products was also presented at the booth.

Bütema creates software, processes and workflows for emotionalizing, advising and handling the shopping experience in the retail sector. Support comes from Shopping Assistant Kira, which is started with QR code on the mobile phone. This personal chatbot gives customers access to a wealth of information about items, sizes, colors, availability, and in-store discoverability.

KMPG & Softsserve: The GenAI-driven avatar as personalized assistants for user and employee experiences. This avatar could be used at the fair for questions about the location of the booths, and could also tell jokes. By understanding natural language, recognizing and showing emotions, avatars are the human interface to GenAI.

Scala have media networks for retail In-store retail media networks, Entrance screens and end cap solutions, Gondola digital displays, Self service check out and Walkbase technology and insights dashboards presented at EuroCis this year. Great ESL solutions for the shelves. Services can also be integrated (such as in the example of wine advice from experts) and recommendations for snacks that go well with wine are offered. Another application option provides ideas for dishes including the corresponding food. These then light up in the digital signage. One of the most beautiful shopfitting stands at this year’s trade fair.

Umdasch I Shopreme I Scan & Go: Self -Checkout solutions, can also be customized, that are quick and hassle-free. Sleek design and intuitive interface the app let you scan and pay in a snap. (left photo) Bake off systems, modular sales systems for small baked goods. (right photo) The smart bakery box uses integrated weighting functionality and intelligent data analysis to ensure that the desired quantity of baked goods is available at the right time in perfect freshness..

DeDuCo is a personalised AI-Robot for retail solutions. The robot helps to find products in the store, helps to reduce shoplifting and automated shelf monitoring. Regarding its 360° digital signage it brings a promotional visbility and optimise brand advertising.

The summary of EuroCis 2024 follows with the winners of the EHI’s Reta Award and the presentation of the Science Prize at EuroCis 2024.

Heidemarie Kriz

Heidemarie Kriz is Retail Architect and Point of Sale Doctor. She is part of the editorial team and has been providing retail tips in Across magazine for around 2.5 years.


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