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Ben Chesser (CEO at Coniq) and Reem Mall (260,129 sq m). Credit: Coniq, Reem Mall

Coniq develops new loyalty programs for Reem Mall in Abu Dhabi

Coniq announced their partnership with Reem Mall (Abu Dhabi) to develop innovative engagement and loyalty programs for unique customer journeys backed by the latest data science, especially for the GCC market.

Customers will enjoy personalized experiences and tailored product discovery, in the fully digitized, offline-to-online, technology-powered lifestyle, shopping, and business center. It features 450 stores and up to 100 restaurants and cafes, a range of family-focused entertainment choices including one of the world’s largest indoor snow parks. 

Coniq’s Total Customer Engagement Platform, IQ Engage, will provide Reem Mall with end-to-end engagement. The marketing team will access tools and data to better understand and engage with shoppers by sending highly personalized offers and content in real-time via multiple touchpoints.

“We are keen to generate synergy between online and offline, with cutting edge technology at both channels. Customers will benefit immensely from the technical finesse that responds to their needs in real time, be it with personalized promotions or hands-free shopping. We appreciate Coniq’s ability to provide world-class, omnichannel capabilities in a convenient way, and that’s especially important while creating great customer experiences,” said Milat Sayra Berirmen, Director of Digital Innovation, Reem Mall.

Coniq’s platform provides segmented customer insights, including vital transactional data, geo-fencing, shopper behavior, and mall experience preferences. 

Ben Chesser, CEO of Coniq, adds: “With a fantastic team behind it, Reem Mall will be an exciting new addition to Abu Dhabi. It is an honor to be selected as a partner in what will become a global retail flagship destination.”


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