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f.l.t.r.: Steven Poelman (CEO Multi), Elmar Schoonbrood (CEO Multi), Sander Verseput (COO/CFO Chainels) and Erwin Buckers (CEO Chainels). Credit: Chainels

Multi Corporation and Chainels announce strategic collaboration

Multi Corporation has launched the “Multi Forum” tenant experience app to further improve management of its assets. Powered by Chainels, the tenant experience app is a user-friendly portal available in website and app formats.

Multi Forum is tailored exclusively for assets under Multi’s management and has proven to be essential in its full spectrum of data-driven asset management and property management services. By opting for innovative technology, the company demonstrated its continued dedication to operational excellence through innovation and sustainability together with tenants, local communities, and strategic partners.

Solution for Retail Real Estate Portfolio Management

With a portfolio of more than 80 retail assets across Europe representing a total of €8 billion of assets under management, Multi continues its commitment to generating long-time value through innovative technology. It aims to make a positive impact on the communities in which it invests, while accelerating growth through an optimized operational business model.

Tenant engagement

Multi Forum app is applied across the portfolio to strengthen tenant engagement. By working directly with operators in Europe, Multi helps make its companies stronger and more sustainable over the long-term. The app provides the tools to drive productivity for its clients and colleagues as an advanced software platform, enabling the leveraging of world-class data, and optimizing investment returns.

Elmar Schoonbrood, Board Member, Multi Corporation said: “The digitalization of operations through our new technology, Multi Forum, enables on-site shopping center management teams to maintain the highest level of efficiency in their daily performance. By utilizing a tenant experience app in daily operations, we’ve ensured that larger group business objectives – both financial and operational – are met while contributing to our long-term ESG strategy. We’re pleased to partner with Chainels as they have proven to be a reliable, innovative, and future-proof company.”

Tailored technology

Across its own and third-party assets, the app provides internal analytics whilst also digitalizing existing processes, making them accessible through an all-in-one digital solution. Functionality includes communication channels between the center and property management teams with their tenants and other stakeholders. In addition, the app digitizes mall income management, technical procedures, documentation management, and facilitates advanced footfall counting solutions.

Via the app, tenant-to-tenant relations and project management applications are streamlined while customer loyalty programs and facilities management providers can be fully integrated. Within a single platform, these features improve the quality of the shopping center experience and create a sustainable relationship between all involved parties.

Powered by Chainels

Multi Forum is fully developed and supported by Chainels. Beginning in 2013 as a start-up, the firm has since grown into a scale-up company offering an all-in-one solution to a diverse portfolio of national and international clients, supporting combined assets of 30 million sq m. Its namesake product, Chainels, engages landlords and tenants to turn any multi-occupier building or district into a thriving community. The real estate industry is continuously changing and that’s why Chainels’ Rotterdam-based team stays connected with its clients for feedback and input. Armed with this up-to-date knowledge, as well as experience and passion, the team continuously strengthens its tenant experience app to ensure it best serves the evolving needs of every client.

Sander Verseput – Co-Founder, COO & CFO at Chainels said: “Our team is extremely proud to be selected by Multi Corporation and their strategic partners as their preferred technology partner. We’re already working in close collaboration with Multi and we will continue to focus on their success by achieving operational excellence. Our priority is to ensure the strengthening of all relationships amongst tenants, occupiers and third-party owners at all Multi’s assets under management.”

The new signed partnership between Multi and Chainels allows data-driven asset management and property management services across Multi Corporation’s portfolio of 80 retail assets in Europe.