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credit: Placewise
credit: Placewise

Close to 10.000 Finnish Shoppers Show Their Loyalty To Seppä Shopping Centre Since June

Since Finland’s first shopping center loyalty club app launched in June by Seppä Shopping Centre, results have been better than expected beforehand as close to 10.000 visitors have opted in to the loyalty program.

According to Placewise CCO Kristian Nordtomme; “We did believe in good numbers for Seppä, as we know the mechanisms in place when running a loyalty program like this will be strong towards the consumers. That being said, this is going very well as it’s just a couple of months since the launch.”

“The decision to take on a new program like this, I believe, was a great strategic move by the shopping centre management at Seppä. It’s really paid off for Seppä and we couldn’t be more pleased with the program’s success so far.” said Morten Mørken, European Commercial Director at Placewise. “When consumers are directly affected by the economy they’re looking for a deal to increase their buying power”, continued Mørken. “We see in the reports that the tenants already are experiencing increased traffic and sales with customers coming their way redeeming offers and gathering points to spend in the rewards shop”.

Both pre-existing members of the Seppä Shopping Centre loyalty club, and new members have embraced the new app evidenced in the Placewise platform by activities such as the use of offers, earning and redeeming points from the loyalty program, opening and reading newsletters and more.

Marketing Manager Veera Rytkönen is happy with Seppä Shopping Centre’s new website and loyalty app: “Our new website with integrated CMS into the loyalty platform is really intuitive and efficient to work with. I can set up and send all my campaigns and communications, in one place.”

In addition to getting points from their purchases, Seppä Klubi members may earn points for things like opting in, redeeming coupons, clicking links and scanning QR-codes, and, well even just visiting Seppä shopping centre. The Seppä Klubi app also provides shoppers quick and convenient access to the center’s news, events, promotions and other helpful information.

The developer of the Seppä Klubi loyalty application platform is Placewise, which offers digital technology solutions to retail real estate owners and operators around the world. The free Seppä Klubi application can be downloaded for Free from the Apple App Store and Google Play by those over 18 years old.