11 points institutional landlords need to consider during this turbulent season

“Make the best use of your time and develop a creative (re-)opening strategy that needs to capture the attention of your customers during a period of a lot of noise.”

Community prevails

“There is no need to look for culprits or point out those industries or competitors who might not be affected in the same way.”

Mipim will not take place from June 2 to 5, 2020

MIPIM 2020, scheduled to take place June 2-5 in Cannes, is transforming into a two-day, Paris-based gathering of real estate and technology leaders in September and a new online experience, MIPIM Connect, available year-round.

A note to our future selves

“The outlet category has always matured during decades of upheaval, and we have routinely stated that ‘outlets are good in good times and great in terrible times.’ 2020 may well test that theory.”

European retailing: Covid-19 separates e-commerce leaders from rest

Europe’s retailing sector is reeling from the shock of lockdowns across the region to limit the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic, but the impact on the sector’s credit outlook will be uneven, says Scope Ratings.

Retail on the Balkans in the times of corona

2019 was a real game-changing year for the region’s retail sector with quickly increasing turn overs, new market openings as well as first larger refurbishments. Unfortunately, the current crisis is reshuffling the entire deck.

29.7 million euros gross lost revenue per day in Austria

Standort + Markt recently published a first estimate regarding the anticipated daily loss of revenue of shopping places in Austria due to the corona shutdown. Its results provide solid guidelines for the European retail real estate market in general.

COVID-19 Impact Update: Unibail-Rodamco-Westfield provides update on planned dividends for the 2019 fiscal year

URW continues to focus on the strength of its asset portfolio, its capital allocation priorities and the preservation of its strong liquidity position, in addition to the health and safety of its employees and communities.

New Look, H&M, Harrods, Zara shut down stores in the UK

The list of retailers in Great Britain, who are temporarily shutting down their stores due to the corona crisis, continues to grow. For example, H&M and Zara recently announced that they will shut down their stores.

Coronavirus will hit economies across all EBRD regions

The coronavirus pandemic will have a negative impact on economies across the EBRD regions but recovery could be robust once the outbreak is contained, according to the Bank’s economists.

Shopping center and retail operational challenges with COVID 19

SAFE Shopping Centers have issued the guide “COVID 19 and Considerations for Shopping Centers and Retail Spaces” to support the industry (FREE DOWNLOAD). It is designed to give guidance on preparations and consideration for the Covid-19 outbreak, covering essential functions and hands-on tips for mall operations.

Retailers support retailers: kika/Leiner CEO and more than 400 employees support food retailers

It is an exceptional situation. Since March 16, all Austrian stores that do not sell essential goods remain closed for the time being.

Polish companies unite and establish the Polish Trade and Services Employers’ Association

Entrepreneurs, driven by the sense of utmost responsibility, and fully aware of the catastrophic consequences of the crisis caused by SARS-CoV-2 epidemic outbreak and spreading, have decided to establish the Polish Trade and Services Employers’ Association.

B&P offers retailers quick and uncomplicated crisis help during rental negotiations

The already difficult situation for brick-and-mortar retail has resulted in a real struggle for survival in recent days.

Atrium: Update on Government imposed restrictions to trading in the company's geographies as a result of Covid-19

Atrium made a statement to update shareholders on recent government announcements in response to the COVID-19 virus within the Company’s operational jurisdictions.

CEO Oliver Schumy leaves Executive Board of Immofinanz

As of March 19 2020, the Executive Board of the Company is thus composed of the members Dietmar Reindl and Stefan Schönauer, who will continue all agendas.

How will the Coronavirus COVID-19 affect European Retail Real Estate?

“As in all crisis, we should bear in mind that there is always a ‘before’ and an ‘after’. We should focus on the latter.”

Retail real estate in Europe–during the days of Corona and beyond

"The longer the situation will continue, the more the complete economic demand will deteriorate and thus reduce the interest and the ability to lease retail real estate further.”

The H&M group is temporarily closing all stores in Germany and the US

Due to the Covid-19 situation the H&M group will temporarily close all its stores in Germany (460*) from March 18, based on decisions by the German authorities. In addition, the group is also closing all its stores for two weeks in the US (590*), Canada (96*), Portugal and Belgium from March 17.

Eurocommercial: Update on the Coronavirus impact on their shopping centres & dividend policy

Eurocommercial is very appreciative of the impact of these unprecedented measures on its tenants and expects to grant temporary support to a number of them.