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Capital Plaza, Podgorica /// credit: BIG Shopping Centers
Capital Plaza, Podgorica /// credit: BIG Shopping Centers

BIG CEE Signed the Purchase of ‘Capital Plaza’ in Montenegro

BIG CEE further diversifies its business portfolio by purchasing the business-residential complex “Capital Plaza” in Montenegro in cooperation with NLB Bank.

The retail real estate developer – also proprietor of BIG Fashion Podgorica – signed a long-term credit agreement in Podgorica with NLB Bank worth 24 million euros over a period of 10 years, for the purchase of the exclusive business, residential complex ‘Capital Plaza’ located in the very heart of the capital.

The Capital Plaza Podgorica is a multifunctional center of the capital, home to offices and representative offices of a large number of global and regional companies, embassies, luxury apartments, a hotel, as well as a commercial and catering zone.

As one of the leading regional financial institutions, NLB Bank confirmed confidence in the business plans and strategy of BIG CEE, which aims for growth and a leading position in the shopping center segment in Central and Eastern Europe.

“NLB Bank is our strategic partner in Montenegro, and we are very pleased with both the cooperation we have achieved and the trust placed in us through the financing of the Capital Plaza project,” stated Alon Bargiora, CFO of BIG CEE.

“This credit support to BIG CEE is evidence of our dedication and support to the development of enterprises and business initiatives that contribute to the strengthening of the economy and creating development opportunities in our country. We are proud of the trust placed in us and the opportunity to provide credit and advisory support for this important project,” said Marko Celebic, Executive Assistant to the member of the Management Board of NLB Bank AD Podgorica.