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credit: DAYLIGHT NO.3 by ATARAdesign©AKEMI
credit: DAYLIGHT NO.3 by ATARAdesign©AKEMI

AKEMI – Rethinking Light brings sunlight directly into interiors

The aim of the young Austrian start-up is to create a completely new, global standard for indoor lighting. The basis for this is the world’s first 3D printing process with light guides, which took two years to develop.

Interiors in office buildings, shopping centers or educational institutions are often inadequately lit by natural light sources, which has a negative impact on the quality of stay. According to studies, however, the use of sunlight can increase productivity in the workplace by 18% and even reduce sick leave by 25%. In addition to make people healthier, the AKEMI.suntec product significantly increases the energy efficiency of buildings.

“AKEMI.suntec brings real sunlight into all indoor spaces around the world and thus makes an important contribution to people’s health and to protecting our climate. The positive properties of the sun as a natural source of energy are immeasurable, which is why AKEMI.suntec is forward-looking,” says Heike Stuckstedde, co-founder of AKEMI.

AKEMI is thus not only establishing a new global standard for indoor lighting but is also developing a new key technology for green buildings with its functional building envelopes for natural light, thus making a significant contribution to a positive energy and CO2 balance of buildings by making the use of light climate efficient. How it works: AKEMI.suntec transmits the healthy portions of sunlight using light guides at every point in the building, flat and lightweight roof and façade elements collect the sunlight using a specially developed optical system. Sun tracking directly in the collector makes installation on the roof or façade as easy as with photovoltaic systems. What is particularly significant here is the high efficiency of the technology, which is many times higher than today’s photovoltaic systems: One sq m of AKEMI.suntec illuminates up to 200 sq m of interior space. In addition, the product enables optimum daylight utilization over the entire course of the day and year in a range of 136°, with a surface efficiency of 65%.

credit: AKEMI.suntec_©AKEMI
credit: ©AKEMI

“The potential of our sunlight technology is truly huge. The aim is for AKEMI.suntec to be a must-have for every ambitious building project in a few years’ time,” says Heike Stuckstedde.

AKEMI – Rethinking Light is an upcoming company from Austria that was founded by Heike Stuckstedde and Andreas Wampl in 2020. The name “AKEMI” comes from the Japanese and means “light, light, beautiful, luminous”. By developing innovative lighting solutions that expand on existing technologies and combine them with special materials, AKEMI creates new experiences around the topic of light. The company is currently in the process of refining its pioneering technology for global market entry in 2025 and is still looking for investors to support. Strategic partnerships with well-known industrial companies are already in the starting blocks.

credit: Heike Stuckstedde_Andreas Wampl, Co-Founder AKEMI_©AKEMI

Akemi – Rethinking Light GmbH

Heike Stuckstedde, Andreas Wampl, Co-Founder AKEMI

Credit: ©AKEMI