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credit: ACROSS, Will Odwarka, Jonathan Doughty
credit: ACROSS, Will Odwarka, Jonathan Doughty

ACROSS Discuss: F&B Insights With Will & Johnny, Ep. 3 — Shopping Malls Have To Shape The Ecosystems Around Them

According to the motto “from insiders for insiders,” we examine the top topics in the industry in exciting, entertaining discussion settings.

F&B Insights with Will & Johnny!

Two top industry professionals talk about the opportunities and challenges of retail gastronomy.

Will Odwarka and Jonathan Doughty are among the most experienced F&B experts in the retail gastronomy scene in Europe. In the third installment of the ACROSS Discuss series, they delve into the topic of how shopping centers became dynamic spaces that focus on more than shopping, and assess their importance in stimulating social networking.

Shopping malls have long been viewed as simply a place to shop or dine, but they have evolved into much more than that in today’s society. They have become vibrant hubs of social interaction and community development. With many amenities, such as entertainment centers, fitness facilities, and cultural events, malls are now considered essential components of urban life.

Will and Johnny discuss how shopping malls have transformed into dynamic spaces that cater to needs beyond shopping. From providing a gathering place for friends and family to offering opportunities for local artists and entrepreneurs to showcase their talents, malls play a crucial role in fostering social connections and economic growth. We have moved on from just leasing a space to curating experiences.

Join us as we delve into this topic.

Will Odwarka

Will Odwarka is the Founder and CEO of Dubai-based firm Heartatwork Hospitality Consulting since 2019, and a member of the ACROSS Advisory Board. He was born and raised in Vienna, Austria.  He has 30+ years of experience leading international strategic growth and development, Franchise and partner management, and F&B operations. He successfully opened over 1000+ outlets in over 40 countries for renowned global players such as McDonald’s, Starbucks, Burger King, Costa, and Wendy’s and smaller players like Creamscafe and Coffeeshopcompany. He strongly focuses on international market entry for F&B players, brand and investor scouting, and AI in hospitality in the Middle East and Europe.

Jonathan Doughty

As a highly experienced F&B professional, Jonathan Doughty has worked at all corporate levels, and has held both executive and non-executive board roles, as well as special advisory appointments and acted in training roles. He has extensive experience around the world in hospitality, property, food and beverage and commercial real estate. Having worked remotely, in situ and on demand in over 30 countries, he is recognised as a leading professional in both the foodservice and commercial property industry.


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