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credit: Eurovea
credit: Eurovea


In 2023, Eurovea Shopping Center opened its doors. In Bratislava, Slovakia, a shopping center has been built to the latest standards as part of a district development. Since its opening, the large-scale project has kept all its promises and has been very popular. ACROSS spoke to the management of Eurovea about the first year of operation, its USP, and its meaning to the community. Eurovea shopping center shows that modern centers must serve people rather than just sell products.

ACROSS: ACROSS: The expanded Eurovea Shopping Center was opened a year ago. How has the response been since then? Did the footfall meet your expectations?

OLGA HAMMER: A year ago, we opened a new shopping arcade, and since then, we have received an extremely positive response, even winning first place in the category of shopping centers in Slovakia for 2023. Occupancy at the center has been sustained at 95% over the long term, and we have averaged an expected 60,000 visitors per day. In addition to the center’s location, our strategic advantage is also its character. Visitors will find in one place, besides the shopping center, the largest cinema in Slovakia, including a VIP zone with an all-inclusive offer, an extensive fitness center with a terrace, the Sheraton Bratislava hotel, the most extensive gastro offer consisting of restaurants, cafés, and bars in the foodcourt and on the waterfront promenade. Office buildings and apartments also complement all this. The Eurovea complex currently consists of 85,000 sq m of shopping center, 47,000 sq m of waterfront promenade with a park, 76,800 sq m of offices, and 740 apartments directly above the shopping arcade.

The shopping center consists of 85,000 sq m and opened mid 2023.

ACROSS: What does the visitor structure look like?

HAMMER: Since the extension’s opening, we have seen a significant increase in traffic. At the same time, our catchment area has also expanded. Due to our broad and comprehensive range of shopping, entertainment, dining, and leisure activities, we are currently reaching out to customers from the surrounding regions of Bratislava.

ACROSS: Why is it important for a city like Bratislava to follow a strictly community-orientated approach?

HAMMER: Eurovea has been connecting different communities and contributing to developing local and cultural life by organizing events for many years. It enables civic associations to present themselves free of charge, thus uniting the city’s inhabitants and strengthening the sense of belonging. It takes diversity and acceptance into account in its marketing campaigns, such as the campaign featuring a transgender model who highlighted the values of tolerance. In the current spring campaign, we decided to use Generation Z’s slang to communicate, bring people together, and contribute to mutual respect. In the mall and on online platforms, we explain specific Generation Z expressions, creating a bridge between generations that may speak a slightly different language but share an interest in current fashion trends. This way, Eurovea actively promotes a community approach while striving for mutual understanding and integration.

ACROSS: Bratislava has an extremely high density of malls. What positioning is Eurovea pursuing? How do customers see the location?

HAMMER: After 14 years of operation, Eurovea has already established a solid position in the Bratislava market. Our center focuses on providing a comprehensive shopping, dining, and entertainment experience all in one. Our strategic location by the Danube River and proximity to the historic city center have made us a popular and attractive destination for domestic and international visitors who love to return. Eurovea is not limited to shopping but also offers cultural and social experiences through various events and activities. Customers perceive this location positively because we offer the largest selection of shops, restaurants and entertainment options in a pleasant environment in Slovakia. We strive to constantly innovate and adapt to changing customer needs and preferences to remain a leading destination in Bratislava’s competitive shopping center environment.

ACROSS: How important are tourists for Eurovea?

HAMMER: Tourists are, of course, essential to us, as they contribute to increasing traffic and the diversity of the customer profile. We are the largest shopping center in Slovakia, which makes us an important destination for tourists looking to shop a wide range of products and brands in one place. Eurovea is a destination for tourists who come to the shopping center due to its attractiveness and convenient location near the waterfront promenade, which has been a tourist attraction in Bratislava for many years.

ACROSS: Eurovea is a starting point for many brands to expand in Slovakia. Has that been proven? Which brand inquiries do you register?

KATARINA PAULE: Eurovea is a strategic shopping center for many brands in Slovakia; therefore, you will find stores that are unavailable elsewhere. These include boutiques with luxury fashion and goods such as Hugo, Boss, COS, Furla, Twinset, and Halada. Still, at the same time, you can also find modern, more affordable concepts such as Primark, Modivo, eObuv, and HalfPrice. In May 2024, we are opening a large family entertainment center, Adventica, on an almost 2,000 sq m area.

ACROSS: What new concepts do you see on the market, and would you like to integrate?

PAULE: We assess the current consumer mood as influenced by the growing trend towards smart shopping. We provide a unique combination of concepts that bring together the physical world and the digital environment. We are home to several brands that have previously operated only online and have their first brick-and-mortar locations with us. Instead of racks of clothes and shoes, customers will find large-format displays presenting the current offer in stores such as eObuv or Modivo, and tablets on which they can search for and order goods from the offers of more than 500 brands precisely according to their desired parameters in the comfort of their seats. We also monitor the needs of different customer segments and strive to offer them a diverse range of affordable products and brands that match their preferences. For example, we have the only Primark store in Slovakia on two floors and the only HalfPrice in Bratislava, where customers can buy branded products at favorably discounted prices.

ACROSS: How is the F&B and leisure offer developing and received by the consumers? And what are your plans for the remaining year? What events and openings do you particularly plan?

PAULE: With more than 50 gastronomic outlets, we are the leader in gastronomic offers in Slovakia. Our diverse offer consists of cafés, bars, and restaurants located along the waterfront promenade, in the foodcourt and foodhall, and the center. We have the largest cinema in Slovakia, offering a VIP zone and an all-inclusive offer. We have a large fitness center, 365 Fit&Co, with an outdoor exercise terrace and wellness zone, a family entertainment center, Adventica, on almost 20.000 sq m, indoor and outdoor playgrounds for children. In the neighborhood, the Slovak National Theatre is connected to us by a large square, where we regularly cooperate on various activities. During the year, we organize approximately 300 indoor and outdoor events. Sports lovers can enjoy multiple marathons, tournaments, and competitions; gourmets can enjoy culinary festivals, and art lovers can enjoy theater performances, concerts, exhibitions, and various exhibitions.

Olga Hammer

Olga Hammer is Marketing and PR Manager at Eurovea.

Katarína Paule

Katarína Paule is Leasing Manager at Eurovea.