Daily Archives: March 31, 2020

El Corte Inglés unveils a temporary layoff scheme and guarantees all employees’ full wages

The measure will be temporary and will initially last 14 days. It will not affect jobs, which will remain intact. El Corte Inglés will make an extra financial effort to minimise the impact: it will supplement benefits so as to … Continue reading

Covid-19 impact on the retail sector in Spain

By Pedro Barrera It is clear that the Covid-19 crisis will act as a catalyst for online retailing to establish itself firmly and increase the percentage of online sales in Spain more towards the rest of Europe. Certain operators will … Continue reading

Geoblink launches an open portal to inform weekly on the Coronavirus impact across the retail ecosystem

Some of the most relevant data insights: Consumers Variations in footfall patterns in relation to the number of confirmed Coronavirus cases:Data insight from last week (16/03-22/03): Footfall was down by 75% on Sunday, 22/03, in Inner London – East county as … Continue reading

Baltic Horizon Fund offers relief measures to its SME tenants most affected by the COVID-19 pandemic

„While the spread of COVID-19 virus is causing an unprecedented damage to businesses and communities across the globe, our home markets in the Baltics are facing equally challenging financial prospects. Baltic Horizon Fund is managing capital entrusted to us by … Continue reading

Taking a closer look at Poland

By Renata Kinde-Czyż The coronavirus is devastating for the whole world’s economy. The Polish retail industry received a major hit with the shutdown of non-food stores. Its consequences are hard to foresee but it will certainly have an impact on the … Continue reading

GfK: How to navigate external shocks like COVID-19 and come out on top

GfK tracks actual weekly sales and pricing across major retail channels to identify the early signs of disruption and help to understand the extent and timing of any impact on supply chains, retail sales and consumer behaviour. In many markets … Continue reading